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  1. Thanks to CHA-LEE for his elucidating and helpful posts in this thread. Wish this forum had a "Like" button.
  2. Great report. Great picture. Congrats. :)
  3. Good video. I like that young man. He's smart and articulate. I'd let him work on my guns.
  4. @Steve in Allentown. : Good info. Good posts.
  5. I don't know about 2011s, but there are a couple of guys over at BHSpringSolutions dot com who have put some thought into spring combinations and slide timing. You may want to go over there just for some ideas. They have videos, text, spring kits (for 1911s), etcs. As I understand things, you have to consider not just the recoil spring, but the main spring and firing pin spring, as well.
  6. That's a beauty. More pictures, please.
  7. An FTF on a 1911 could be 1) an ammo issue, 2) a magazine issue, 3) a gun issue. Take one thing at a time (of course). Since it's new, I would lube it and come back in 500 rounds. I have a friend who shoots Sigs out of the box. Apparently, Glock guys and Sig guys live in another world, perfect and beautiful. A world that requires no lube. Must be nice.
  8. Why bother? I would buy a new barrel and have it fitted (assuming there is no damage to the frame and slide).
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