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  1. Great idea but I haven't seen anyone do that yet although I do know there are different strengths of polymers you can get
  2. It is normal, make sure you lube anything that shows wear
  3. Thanks Shaun I have been adapting to them the last few days and can definitely see the accuracy when I concentrate!
  4. This is why I am an over the top guy
  5. I am having a hard time switching from night sights to fiber any tips?
  6. I have noticed sight to sight changes in rules and was wondering about that
  7. Ignore them as much as possible and remain safe
  8. It sounds like you may be reseting your grip after each shot or slapping the trigger.
  9. You guys are too much lol thanks for the tip
  10. I am using the 4 inch as my carry gun but wanting to shoot a competition or with it and see where I fit in before plunging on a new gun. Thanks for the insight as well
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