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  1. Really?? I def try some load development with the 55gr. Thanks!
  2. Appreciate the advise.. think I'm gonna sell it. I'll post in classifieds here soon. I have everything to continue 3Gun and Limited USPSA, so I still be able to shoot. Just not Open
  3. Seriously considering selling my Open pistol to fund a motorcycle. Im torn... I get attached to things and I love my STI DVC, but I will be listing it in the classifieds to see if there is interest. I don't get the opportunity to shoot it enough for me to justify keeping it when my wife doesn't want to me to take cash out of an acct when I could sell a gun that just sits there. I feel like I have the bobber itch and I need to scratch it. Has as anyone had real sellers remorse in a similar situation?
  4. Again, was gonna try it for money reasons,
  5. I haven't really given it a fair go at those distances, kinda followed the crowd on the heavier weights. Might be worth a shot for my wallet.
  6. Yea. I guess I assumed the weight of the comp is doing more than it expelling gas for muzzle flip
  7. Wahoo72


    True... have all the nicest parts and an incompetent Smith will test your sanity.
  8. Top Gun Magnificent Seven Road House
  9. Gates of Fire The Mission, Men and Me Kill Bin Laden
  10. +1 went with an 18" and not seen a real reason I wish I had a 16". Either will be good to go. I was in the same boat as you and chose the 18 due to ranges i shoot being mostly over 3-400y
  11. I have a SD3G trigger and don't know if it's the trigger or my shooting technique but it has bumpfire issues. I'll probably get rid of it soon for an AR Gold
  12. Being brave isn't the absence of fear, it's your actions in spite of your fear.
  13. Wahoo72

    New Ride

    Front is like a car, Back is like a truck. Front is where you drive, back is where you ****!
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