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  1. This forum is one of the worst places to ask about just about anything that requires something other than a "it werks ok fer me" opinion.
  2. Farther than you're ever actually going to get. Hey, you asked. Functionally, you already have your example; Vogel with a Glock. But in case you need to pretend that an M&P is somehow different look up sponsored S&W shooters who used M&Ps. Off the top of my head I think of Miculek and Golob.
  3. The most reliable setup is going to be one where you buy a package deal; optic preinstalled, proper mags, tested fired by the factory/builder, using factory recommended new ammo, with a warranty guarantee. Once you try to monkey on it yourself or add aftermarket parts you've wasted all the value of a turnkey rig. If you like the CZs, just go buy a brand new Czechmate for 2500 and don't try to bubba it.
  4. Ok... Your own measurements show that your mags are completely deformed and out of spec , to put it in perspective, 9mm cartridges are less than .4" across. So the front of your feed lips have a gap wider than the widest point of a 9mm casing.
  5. Nevermind, your location says California. Shouldn't have wasted electricity.
  6. No they shouldn't. Shooters step foot onto someone else's property, voluntarily requesting to join an event someone else is hosting; that someone else has every right to record the event. Said competitors should stay home and file a lawsuit with the American Criminal Liberties Union about how their feelings got hurt, to continue making the world a more pathetic place.
  7. For reference, I took a 9mm mag, loaded a cartridge, locked the slide back, and slammed her home much more vigorously than I actually do, and removed it. Then repeated the process with a 9mm cartridge in a 38 Super mag, and placed them on the table for a photoshoot next to identical mags without rounds. Note how all the feedlips are nice and parallel, with the cartridge retained inside the mag body, even after an overly violent slide back insertion, while your mag is so bent out of shape that the rear of the mag lips (the actual width they should be), quickly spreads out several 100ths of an inch only about an eighth the way up the cartridge. You need a new mag.
  8. This has nothing to do with "design" issues or anything else like that, and is clearly not an over insertion issue now. The magazine shown has comically deformed lips, it's clearly obvious with those pictures, only the rearmost portion of the cartridge could possibly be held in place by that mag to begin with. All mags, dedicated 9 and 38S with spacers, don't have that ridiculous 3 degree outward splay like that.
  9. I have an STI Spartan V 9, need the specs on two parts and wondering if someone already replaced theirs and knows, didn't come up in a search. What is the diameter of the fiber rod in the factory front sight? What are the dimensions of the screw that holds the STI magwell onto the STI magwell MSH? Parts numbers might be helpful as well in case anyone here is an STI parts dealer. Obviously need to source both, the folks at STI did not respond when I tried asking them.
  10. Tilted quite a bit farther forward than "backstrap parallel", but clearly not pointing straight down either. When your hand drops, the inside edge of your palm is much lower than the outside edge, tilting the guns grip farther forward is a more natural wrist angle to approach. Like the black holster here:
  11. Heck yeah. You get to post something at an uncompetitive price and bump it every 14 hours to constantly put it back on top of everyones activity feed.
  12. Over inserting magazines while the slide is back. Basically slide is back, mag goes up too high into the frame with a vigorous reload, slide going forward hits mag lips, etc. Need to take a look at the height of the mag release as well as the height of the ejector, searching "over insertion 1911" should bring up the common troubleshooting steps with pictures.
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