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  1. I agree with the 1911. You can easily customize it to work the best for you. Also, you can accurize the gun with parts and techniques easier than a SIG. I've had a p226 and a p220, both German made in the 1980's/1990's and sold them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. There's another Tanfo Witness-style on Gunbroker with a serial number of G18968.
  3. I'm loading H&N 185 gr WFN hollowpoints on my SDB. Even using the SWC seating stem, the side of the stem make dimples on sides of the bullets. Is there a SWC seating stem that has a wider flat on the bottom than the .45 ACP version?
  4. RIggerJJ: What problems were you having that caused you to get/use a Case Pro 100? Also, doesn't rolling cartridge brass in the Case Pro cause the brass to lengthen back to the original length? I figured the extra brass would have to go somewhere, namely to case length. It wouldn't be the first time I was mistaken, though.
  5. Thank you, fellas, for the info. I'm not really having malfunctions with my current process. I am more concerned with returning cases to their original overall length for more uniform headspace. I understood, perhaps erroneously, that the shortening of fired pistol cases was due to this bulge (the brass in the bulge has to come from somewhere). But, it sounds like I'm not having the problems this is meant to address. I'm shooting mild target loads in well supported chambers. I guess this is for brass from hot loads fired in poorly supported chambers? I guess I can see how 9mm or .38 su
  6. I've seen references to the Case Pro 100, and looked at the website. I get what it does, and it seems to me that the key thing is that it makes case length more uniform. But, I still have a few questions: 1) Does it fully resize the case? Or do cases need to be FL sized after a trip through the Case Pro? 2) I seen oblique references that .45 ACP brass doesn't benefit as much from the Case Pro compared to other, higher pressure cartridges like 9mm, .38 super, .40 and 10mm. Is this true? I primarily load/shoot .45. Would I benefit from a Case Pro? Thanks, -John
  7. Nealio; I'm interested in your comment that the way these barrels lock up doesn't require a super tight fit for good lock up. Can you please explain more?
  8. Thanks, Saratoga, for that link to Tony's blog. I hadn't seen that before.
  9. When you guys mention that there is no appreciable difference in accuracy, are you referring to practical accuracy (ie, hand held)? The reason I ask is that I'm primarily a Bullseye shooter, and I'm chasing a 3 inch group at 50 yards for slow fire. My understanding that for action pistol, with fast shots, that level of accuracy may not benefit the shooter, and in fact my be detrimental, due to the trade-off of lower reliability. Can the higher end Witnesses shoot 3 inches at 50 yards? Or am I chasing unicorns?
  10. I see that the higher-end Tanfoglio pistols have a cone-fit barrel. How does it work, and how well does it work? Is it for muzzle weight only, or does it lock up the gun tighter for better accuracy?
  11. Babaganoush; Priming adjustment? I'm not familiar with that. Can you please tell me more? Thanks, -John
  12. I have an older Square Deal B, and the priming arm no longer picks up a large primer (haven't tried it with small primers) when the press arm is depressed fully. I have to grab the primer arm and give it a tug, and it will pick up a primer every time. I've replaced the plastic tip on the primer magazine, with no improvement. I called Dillon, and the tech told me that one of the Delrin bushings in the press develops a burr, and that I should remove it with an Xacto knife. I didn't have a burr, but the Delrin was bowed out a bit. I trimmed it, to no effect. Does anyone have any ideas on w
  13. Why didn't Hi-Powers catch on in the US? I realize that back in the day the major power factor was deliberately set to exclude the 9mm. In the early days, it seems that it was one of the few high capacity autos. Did people expiriment with minor 9mm high capacity versus low capacity .45? Or was the .45 so dominant that no one cared? I haven't shot a Hi Power in over 20 years, but with the magazine safety removed, isn't the trigger pretty decent?
  14. Just like the title says, when did dot sights start showing up in IPSC?
  15. Steve; Thanks for the response. If I read you correctly, you're saying that the crimp die is sizing down the bullet in the case? I'll definitely check that out. -John
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