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  1. Thanks! It feels much better increasing the elbow bend and a bit with how much I am blading. Now I am eager to confirm in live fire. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for posting Charlie. I have been working on this per your suggestion for a while now and it absolutely works. With that said, I am struggling to maintain a “straight” up and down grip on my weak hand side. I can do it, it’s just my elbow has a greater tendency to not want to stay in. Any tips? Or do I just need to practice this more? Of course being mindful of position and not just slinging lead down range. Thanks!
  3. Exactly. I get and 100% stand behind the MD’s canceling matches.
  4. I would agree. Gun stores are open in most states as “essential retail” and some of those have ranges. So you can go to a stuffy indoor range but not an outdoor range with constant fresh air. I get match cancellations but I don’t understand why outdoor ranges need to be shutdown. Especially since most states allow you to exercise during the stay in place orders... I mean I am out of breath after some of our field stages. It’s exercise officer!
  5. Plus 1. This approach has served me well while shooting limited recently too.
  6. Definitely plus 1 to this post. Especially the working through the less than optimal scenarios.
  7. One area I seem to do better with by shooting with GM’s/better shooters is bringing more intensity to the line with me. It’s not shooting faster... it’s making sure I am not wasting time when not performing the shooting in a course. Movement and even starts. I don’t try to shoot another persons speed but I will be reminded that a particular movement/position can be done better/cleaner shooting with the big guys. There are a couple guys that I know I can regularly be within a couple seconds of over a field course. I found I am much more likely to consistently perform at that level when shooting with them.
  8. +1 to the Steve Anderson description. He separates things in a very easy way to apply to your practices. Biggest thing is call your shots.
  9. This! This is all that needs to be done for the post that started this thread. The rest is rules dialogue about start position. There are plenty of great posts by folks more seasoned than me so they can continue to debate that.
  10. Much that needed to be said already has. One thing I will note is not everyone learns things or processes the same way. What works for some or even most likely won’t work for all. To me there are a couple things here... 1. Figure out how you learn best. Are you visual, auditory, do you need to apply a move or tactic yourself to really get it? You will see any difference in opinion on these responses can likely be attributed to the fact that not everyone learns the same. 2. Understand that while your strength in learning may be visual for example, you still need to understand the why behind what you’re seeing. Sometimes that’s easily figured out, but sometimes it is even easier or better to listen to the GM shooter explain. 3. Put it all together. If you just watch a Ferrari go fast you don’t really know how to do that. You need all elements of learning to get to where you want to go. Ask the why and how to go with the visual. 4. Put in the time practicing with purpose. From what I have been exposed to Charlie Perez captures this piece best in his teachings and book. *It helps to be very analytical in how you like to think about things too. I can go into more depth but don’t want to be to repetitive.
  11. My 2 were 240. Not sure I have heard of other heights for them coming stock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks Cha-Lee! This is a very helpful review. I have been using the standard "grippers" and while grip strength has improved I'm still battling forearm fatigue with symptoms of tendonitis after long sessions. I might have to give this a shot...
  13. Plus 1 for the Henning Group grips. They are aggressive and the contour fits great like sdm702 says. Keep in mind that they were designed by a top level GM shooter who uses them regularly on his own shadow 2. I personally have tried all of the thin grips and thin with grip tape, as well as the bogies and scales. I know a few other folks who shoot the shadow 2 and the shadow 1 and when it comes right down to it I think it has more to do with your own personal hand size and style that you like for how you want the grip to feel. That said, to date, these are the best that cross all of my boxes off. I have two as well, one for my primary and one for my backup (both have the checkering all the way to the top). In regards to the price... you could spend the money on these and be done bouncing around from grip to grip or you could keep dropping $60-$80 every few months on different grips and spend three times more.
  14. Great input in this thread. Is there a way to follow a thread for new replies and to keep in a place to reference other than replying to it and getting notifications of further responses? Posting something relevant too :)... Brief story on something that just happened to me that provided an "aha moment" and an immediate "that Enos guy is a freaking wizard!" thought. I was shooting a practice session where we blacked out all of the target except the lower A zone on 4 targets and shot 4 per (oddly, not a target set up I've shot much at all). Initially running the drill I was shooting at a pace I knew that I could shoot at that distance (roughly 10 yds) and get all alphas but I was still throwing multiple mikes. I took a break to reload and relaxed and analyzed what I was seeing and not seeing as well as other possibilities. In getting back at it I just posted up on one of the targets and shot about 90-100 rds at it. Purpose being to shoot only when I saw what was needed and could truly call the shot accurately. For the first 15-20 shots this slowed my cadence down but I also noticed as speeding up (as I knew I could) that my hits while being in the center of the A zone were starting to move to the lower half of the A zone (typically when the entire lower A is open I aim at the upper center of the A zone). What I realized over the next 80 or so rds by being aware and just allowing my shooting to essentially be automatic based on what I was seeing was that my subconscious took over (or whatever else you want to describe it as) and then slightly moved my primary point of aim lower which allowed me to track the sights easier as instead of my black sight rising into black, more difficult to see there, and having to deal with the change in sight picture while tracking the sight from brown to black back into the brown again, by moving point of aim lower allowed me to track the sight easier never leaving the brown of the A zone and thus allowing for a faster cadence/splits. In hindsight it seems a rather elementary switch, but how the aha realization occurred was the detachment from "thinking while shooting" and allowing myself to be in the moment and increase awareness, thus being the main point... I think.
  15. Valid point... I was thinking more how you could shoot the same DA/SA gun (like a CZ) in limited but for that division could start hammer cocked and safety on. Thanks for pointing that out though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. +1... we all know it’s the shooter and not the gun making the difference. Who cares if someone puts a different trigger on their Glock??? The start condition in DA and the lack of a magwell are what separate Production to the largest degree. 10 rd limitation is soon thereafter but it’s not like there aren’t other low cap divisions. Keep the rules simple so it’s easier for new shooters to understand and for RO’s to enforce. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. MrT_shootsAcz

    Accu Shadow 2

    It does... but it is not printed on the approved USPSA card stock list so I'm still waiting
  18. MrT_shootsAcz

    Accu Shadow 2

    Your initial response was good enough for me Rowdy. I already have it printed and ready to go for nationals because I will absolutely be shooting my Cajun S2 with bushing. I'm more than happy to post what happens for all those concerned and awaiting something more.
  19. MrT_shootsAcz

    Accu Shadow 2

    My understanding is based on this quote... the accu-shadow 2 is already production legal. It would seem very silly to say that the CGW 10x bushing is alright but the CZC bushing is not.
  20. Thanks for the reply. It's great to hear that helped in getting you over the hurdle. That said, no, I'm not talking about shooting fast. I don't need the info to learn to shoot fast. I'm plenty fast now. Yes, what that BE fellow has said is absolutely right. I fully grasp the concept of "knowing what you need to see at a given distance". I'm still working on refining that at certain distances for sure but I already know I can shoot .16 splits at 5 yards and get alpha hits even on a partial for example (I mention that to illustrate I can see the sights and shoot fast fine). Where the topic and my post/question is mostly directed at, and sorry for not being more clear, is addressing a course of fire quickly while appropriately using the necessary sight picture for the target array at hand. As I said, maybe I start a stage focused on watching my sights (doesn't mean I'm waiting for a perfect or still sight picture, just means I'm shooting with a sight focus watching the front sight bounce up and down) and then find myself drifting to a target focus. Especially after I start moving out of the first position. Despite a target that may require a more refined sight picture I tend to still be looking over the sights to more of a target focus. That's where maybe more exposure and training will help work that out. I have shot a bunch of matches thinking that target focus has a place but I've also heard from some very seasoned shooters that they would not describe any of their shooting as target focus (even 3 yards away). I would think that in what we reference as target focus they are simply using a very simply met sight picture alignment but the awareness is still centered on the sights relation to their target as opposed to a clear focus on the target. In some respects it is very similar but just different enough to prompt another debate for some I guess. Anyway... I appreciate your info on the tape, it helps a lot. I am going to try it after getting back from Area 3. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Thanks for the info. I'm in the process of switching from a 124gr over 3.9 of titegroup to a 147gr over 3.2 of titegroup (will switch after Area 3). Good to know you like those weights with that round. I presently have a CZC with a few CGW parts that I swapped in it. I have no complaints with anything either company puts out... that's just the recipe that is working for me. I will add that I have my 2nd Shadow 2 on the way soon from CGW... looking forward to that to see how nice and smooth they can get it since it will be a "100% CGW build". I tried the 11.5 CGW mainspring for a little bit before also switching the firing pin spring to their reduced power spring (had the czc one in though) and I averaged about 2 light strikes per 100 rounds. After switching to their reduced power firing pin spring I have had 0 light strikes over roughly 4500 rounds. Definitely agree with the comment about super light being a crutch. My DA shooting is solid and was with an 8# trigger, though my follow up technique needs continuous work, but those are single action.
  22. I'm running the CGW 11# in my shadow 2. I like it just fine. Curious as to why you need to go up to 13#? Not ejecting far enough? Rowdyb, what weight springs are you "back to"? What didn't you like about the ones you tried?
  23. Will the tape on one lens help deter my eyes propensity to shift to a target focus? because while the sights are blurred the target is clear with both eyes open, so I've caught myself doing this. I have also found that I default to shooting with both eyes open, however I also noticed that while my dominant eye is dominant enough to control the act of aiming accurately my overall sight picture is very blurred. I often find myself on a stage starting my run focusing on the sights only to switch to a target focus. I guess it could be old range habits, like checking for my hit (would think not though). I dabbled in squinting my weak eye but that has not helped and only resulted in me squinting both eyes. I know it all comes with training and time but I'm interested to hear from all you guys with masterful hindsight. Thanks!
  24. Ok. Like I said I was curious. One thing I tried at about 5 yards in live fire was matching the dry fire speed on my draw. If for no other reason then to help gain confidence that I can control and fire that quickly in live fire. In that respect it helps but my accuracy was inconsistent, though I did get as low as .9. I never missed the target, but borderline Charlie's at 5 yards mean I'm pushing the ragged edge of seeing the sights well enough to be accurate (which also means I wouldn't be drawing and firing that quickly in a match except for maybe on the classifier "can you count". I'm curious to see if incorporating this technique will help me nail 1 second draws in live fire with increased accuracy. Thanks again!
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