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  1. that thing is flying! Have you had any issues with the digital powder drop?
  2. It makes the loading pass that much easier when you process before. You have way less issues and stops. I hate stopping the press with a full load of cases. I end up yanking the case under and after the powder drop. Pour the powder back into the tub. Then I have to keep this pile of cases with primers in them that I have to feed into the press after the primer station when I can. It’s a lot less of that crap and more loading 1k automated with only refilling bullets, powder, primers. You don’t even have to stop while you are doing that.
  3. Buy these lock rings. You lock them in around the die so you can easily remove and swap out dies and put them back exactly as they were before with zero hassle. https://www.amazon.com/Hornady-044606-Sure-Loc-Lock-Ring/dp/B001OPTMU4 It will save you the price of a another tool head.
  4. This made aligning the top plate super easy. M7 sells this on their website in the maintenance section. https://imgur.com/a/m12TLET
  5. So with the help of everyone here and some guidance from Mark7 I think its actually fixed. I haven't run any ammo through it due to time but it seems to be running 90x better. I had to realign the top plate and adjusted that bracket that the onboard primer collator bumper rides on. I also adjusted the index as well. https://imgur.com/gallery/gVrH59m
  6. What do you do about case lube on one pass after a round is loaded? Wipe it off or just send it down range?
  7. @steyarms second this. Open a ticket on their website enter in your serial and they will get you squared away. They are super busy here with what’s going on in the US.
  8. open a ticket with support and they will get you sorted out.
  9. the rubber bumper on the primer collator was banging on that part. I took it off and everything went away. apparently that part also stops the press from over indexing. I am going to see if I can adjust it today and get it going.
  10. I am currently troubleshooting with the tool head off and adjusting the index (giant pain in the a**). I am waiting to hear back from Mark7 about what to do next.
  11. I opened a ticket and Misty took care of me. I am still having some vibration issues but its significantly less with that part removed. I think I just have a combination of several issues causing me pain. Now at the bottom of the down stroke I can hear a thud. The lower crank appears to be shifting around even though the set screws are tight. https://imgur.com/D1KxsX7
  12. I really appreciate the help and taking the pictures. Long story short is it looks like I had an old part on the press that the primer collator rubber bumper was smacking into causing the thud. https://imgur.com/gallery/1krkMmL
  13. Jamming up at the wiper. They would get stuck at the wiper. Now if they get stuck there on the new bowl they fall off and get moved out of the way.
  14. It for sure is clonking on its way to the top I can confirm. I want to wait on m7 before I start stripping this thing to pieces.
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