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  1. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I had the same issue and the powder drop was crushing cases because it would not go up any further even tho it had more travel. I had to send the funnel back and they told me there was nothing I could of done to fix the issue.
  2. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Hopefully they retro fit all the old ones
  3. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thanks for tbe the detailed info. That’s the most detail I have heard in regards to the powder measure issues.
  4. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Agreed. I have my press running well now but the powder drop really scares me. I got mine back and it’s light years better than what was originally sent but something is off. It it does not drop consistent powder if you change the rpm even if you adjust dwell. If you manually drop charges it is consistent with its powder throws but the minute you run it automated it’s all over the board.
  5. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    That’s exactly what I did. Just purchase the pro version of the dropper and call it a day. I havent had any issues with the pro.
  6. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Inconsistent drops. Powder drop was not smooth going up and down. Something internal was messed up and they had to fix it. Nothing I could of fixed myself.
  7. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I had a pretty major issue with mine.
  8. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    It happens to everyone. I didn’t get a chance to use mine for 70 days or so. Cranked out a bunch of ammo and it’s been under a cover since.
  9. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I run 9mm at 3 and the swage sense detects every ringer. I would call Mark7 everyday to figure out why yours is not working. That is a critical sensor in my opinion.
  10. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    If you manually press the tube further up into the plastic tube it reduces/eliminates flipped primers. As you said it needs to be adjusted.
  11. yep. I got my machine from DA back In June or July and my machine has had 0 index issues. Just a faulty powder drop.
  12. They put it on with a heat gun. Mark7 specifically told me to use a heat gun to get it off. It works, I had to do it on mine when I converted it.
  13. Thetimb

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    I ordered one but it still hasn’t shipped. Not sure if it’s in the wild.
  14. You have to use a heat gun on the sprocket to get it off and the new one on.