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  1. yep. I got my machine from DA back In June or July and my machine has had 0 index issues. Just a faulty powder drop.
  2. They put it on with a heat gun. Mark7 specifically told me to use a heat gun to get it off. It works, I had to do it on mine when I converted it.
  3. Thetimb

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    I ordered one but it still hasn’t shipped. Not sure if it’s in the wild.
  4. You have to use a heat gun on the sprocket to get it off and the new one on.
  5. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Here is my new powder drop that came back from RMA
  6. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    What about upside down primers?
  7. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I got my powder drop back and ran 2k rounds through the press checking the powder drop every 100 rounds while I topped off primers. No issues with my new powder drop! anyone with the primer collator, keep the Dillon rf or get the mark 7 one? I have read mixed reviews about a lot of time spent fixing primers from the collator.
  8. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I test my sensors before I start a lage run as well as validate consistent powder throws.
  9. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    I really couldnt disagree more. If you get the swage sense dialed in properly you really don’t need an optical decap sensor. Any stuck primer would be detected by the swage sense.
  10. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    There is a set screw on the swage sense that you can adjust. If it’s off it won’t pickup a ringer.
  11. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    Agreed. Customer support can be a little slower than I would like when you follow the normal support channels but when you get someone on the phone you are treated like a million dollar customer. I knew what I was getting into when I bought a brand new press from them but I know in the end it will all work out. Their sensors for the auto drive on my 1050 were top notch and customer service was great then and still is now. They just need to come out with the primer collator for the evolution and work the kinks out there. I'll buy an entire new setup just for large primer
  12. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    If you cant get the tip to work on the MA die try using a Dillon die if you have one with the spring(not sure if its a spring) on the top. It allows the pin to go up/down and knock the primer off the tip.
  13. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    If the press stops I remove the case at the powder drop and set it aside. After my run I take those cases and manually cycle them a single at a time starting at the powder drop. That’s my process.
  14. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    yah I twisted one so bad I tossed it in the trash. you might not need to replace the sprocket if it has the right amount of teeth already. I had this same issue and called support and they told me I didnt even need to replace it!