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  1. I was an early adopter and it took a long time to get my press working how it is and a lot of part swaps with mark7. The evolution has the same priming system as the revolution if you pay for it. I think it’s 2500 or so now.
  2. the evolution has definitely had 99% of the kinks worked out. I have a fully loaded one with a primer collator and it’s running really well now.
  3. They will take care of you and replace parts and work with you but it can be a PITA at times.
  4. I’d wait a year after it comes out to purchase unless you don’t mind alpha testing the press.
  5. So i preordered the primer collator for the evolution and it took about 14 months for me to get mine I did however only pay 900 for 2500 dollar collator so I can’t complain too much.
  6. Personally I don't feel like swapping that stuff out is that big of a deal but I am making ammo for just me personally. Sure it adds some time to the process but I am usually loading in such bulk that I don't worry about it. I can probably swap everything out and start loading in under 20 minutes at this point. If its been a while since I have reloaded, that might take longer due to the cobwebs in my head. I will do 10k-15k of some caliber and never have to go back and touch that for a bit and I can move onto some other caliber.
  7. I had two super 1050s, one for small primer and one for large. I am so happy I sold those and got an evolution with all the sensors and primer collator. Way better machine.
  8. I got the FW arms decapping die in. I am going to try this thing out without prepping the brass and see how good/bad it is. I typically do a prep cycle and then load cycle on 9mm just because everything runs way smoother. I am hoping I can get it down to really smooth 1 pass loading vs 2.
  9. I have that issue with 9mm powder coated bullets. It takes some tweaking to get the flare right or else they topple off at high speeds.
  10. that thing is flying! Have you had any issues with the digital powder drop?
  11. It makes the loading pass that much easier when you process before. You have way less issues and stops. I hate stopping the press with a full load of cases. I end up yanking the case under and after the powder drop. Pour the powder back into the tub. Then I have to keep this pile of cases with primers in them that I have to feed into the press after the primer station when I can. It’s a lot less of that crap and more loading 1k automated with only refilling bullets, powder, primers. You don’t even have to stop while you are doing that.
  12. Buy these lock rings. You lock them in around the die so you can easily remove and swap out dies and put them back exactly as they were before with zero hassle. https://www.amazon.com/Hornady-044606-Sure-Loc-Lock-Ring/dp/B001OPTMU4 It will save you the price of a another tool head.
  13. This made aligning the top plate super easy. M7 sells this on their website in the maintenance section. https://imgur.com/a/m12TLET
  14. So with the help of everyone here and some guidance from Mark7 I think its actually fixed. I haven't run any ammo through it due to time but it seems to be running 90x better. I had to realign the top plate and adjusted that bracket that the onboard primer collator bumper rides on. I also adjusted the index as well. https://imgur.com/gallery/gVrH59m
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