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  1. Just got shipment notice for Ibejiheads Dec order.
  2. Ordered from Bayou on November 8, 2020. Just received notice of shipment.
  3. I just had a similar experience - ordered a case of bullets on 3/10 and received them today. Kudos to DG Bullets!
  4. Submitted order in early December, e-mailed at least three times and no response. Same timing and lack of response from Bayou. On a good note - order from DG last month arrived in about two weeks.
  5. Has anyone received any orders from Ibejiheads Bullets recently? I placed an order in early November that was upgraded to "processing" in early December, but I have not received the shipment or any status update since. I have sent several e-mails with no response. I am questioning whether they are still in business. I have until May to dispute the transaction with PayPal, but would rather receive the order.
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