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  1. Mine broke at the tip/ claw not so long ago and when I contacted Aftec the owner took care of it right away and sent me a new one .
  2. Very top of spring coil that the follower connects to just need to be bent/tweaked till the follower is more parallel inside mag, I had to do it to all my mag springs and they now run flawlessly.
  3. Were you shooting factory or reloads through it? And how long would it take them to get you out a new barrel?
  4. I would ditch those factory spings included with the gun and purchase a CGW or CZC recoil spring variety pack and go from there, one thing I can add is if you decide to go with thin followers be prepared to tweak your mag spring some so gun doesn't go into a weird half partial slidelock after last round goes in.
  5. CZCustom makes them, I myself have been eyeing this . https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html
  6. I purchased some Wolf 15-18# hammer springs yesterday and ended up picking the 17#
  7. Anybody know the Part# for the supplied Slidestop Pins that come with the TSO ? Looking to purchase some for the upcoming season.
  8. I ended up not running any thumbrest and has worked out for me
  9. I had some issue as well, I resolved it by bending the top coil and allowing the gap between first and second coil nearest the front of mag( Bullet side) to be .450in. works for me everytime now
  10. I'm at 10# recoil on my TSO .40 , before was using a 12#.
  11. Never been and plan on going this year, I was fortunate to sign up just on time of match opening.
  12. Congrats on the win Charlie, I shot it on Friday and I agree with you having a squad size of 6 didn't help when one of mine thought it was ok to move onto next stage to look while the rest of us were shooting/resetting
  13. I was once in the same boat when I wanted to get out of shooting Prod. with my Sp-01, to go the 2011 route or TSO route . Other's have said the 2011 way was the only way to be competitive in the game of USPSA , but I'm still happy I made my choice of going TSO. Leo was also another person who influenced me to go CZ route.
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