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  1. Hi_Im_Vinh

    CZC Tactical Sport/TSO threaded barrel

    CZCustom makes them, I myself have been eyeing this . https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html
  2. Hi_Im_Vinh

    What hammer spring for TSO 40

    I purchased some Wolf 15-18# hammer springs yesterday and ended up picking the 17#
  3. Hi_Im_Vinh

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Anybody know the Part# for the supplied Slidestop Pins that come with the TSO ? Looking to purchase some for the upcoming season.
  4. Hi_Im_Vinh

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I ended up not running any thumbrest and has worked out for me
  5. Hi_Im_Vinh

    CZ TS mag spring issue

    Glad to hear it worked out
  6. Hi_Im_Vinh

    CZ TS mag spring issue

    I had some issue as well, I resolved it by bending the top coil and allowing the gap between first and second coil nearest the front of mag( Bullet side) to be .450in. works for me everytime now
  7. Hi_Im_Vinh

    10 pound recoil spring in your .40 CZ?

    I'm at 10# recoil on my TSO .40 , before was using a 12#.
  8. Never been and plan on going this year, I was fortunate to sign up just on time of match opening.
  9. Hi_Im_Vinh

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Congrats on the win Charlie, I shot it on Friday and I agree with you having a squad size of 6 didn't help when one of mine thought it was ok to move onto next stage to look while the rest of us were shooting/resetting
  10. Hi_Im_Vinh

    TSO vs STI for limited major

    I was once in the same boat when I wanted to get out of shooting Prod. with my Sp-01, to go the 2011 route or TSO route . Other's have said the 2011 way was the only way to be competitive in the game of USPSA , but I'm still happy I made my choice of going TSO. Leo was also another person who influenced me to go CZ route.
  11. Hi_Im_Vinh

    New Czechmate Comp

    In for some results
  12. Hi_Im_Vinh

    CM 99-19

    Shot this one for the first time, never seen a classifier like this and was a bit nervous . Shot called and good visual of magwell landed me somewhere I was satisfied with. Limited/Major Time: 10.58 HF : 5.293 Points: 56 According to classifiercalc I got 80.8%
  13. Hi_Im_Vinh

    New Bull Shadow models

    From speaking with Stuart, you can't just swap on their Bull uppers to an existing frame without machine work done to your frame to accommodate the bull upper slide. With time , I hope CZC offers just a Bull upper in 9mm/.40 package where we can send in our existing lower frame to fit this on as well as slap back on our factory slide if we decide to sell the gun.
  14. Hi_Im_Vinh

    TS or TS Orange for .40 limited

    If you mean drop right into where the frame outlines for the factory. Then no...I fixed the issue with just 2 paper gasket type washers per screw .
  15. Hi_Im_Vinh

    TS or TS Orange for .40 limited

    Cuts frame, so I put some paper gasket type washers there ....been solid for 9k rounds since .