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  1. Yeah, I have a little CZ RAMI that is put together perfectly and is a tack driver. The photo is 5 in one on a 1" sticker. My husband is making test loads for me and this one was a clear winner! The only issue it has is it burns oil. If it doesn't get oiled often it will mis-feed.
  2. Well, I have 5x the money to spend, but don't feel the need to. Yet....
  3. Sorry, I didn't realize I was posting in the $2000 gun club. My mistake. We could have bought any other one at any other price, but this had everything we wanted and was reasonably priced, even though much more than we normally spend. Once a tightwad, always a tightwad. I just can't help comparing a $400 gun to one over twice its price having a poorer fit of parts. I am pretty sure it is going to be a fine shooter from past Tanfo experience, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with it before committing completely to it, that's all.
  4. Thanks. I guess we will give it a run and see if it shoots like it should and just live with the wart.
  5. I don't know that it matters at all (other than cosmetically). We have never seen this on any gun, even cheap ones, that is why we are asking others opinions/experiences. Just having always had all our other guns fit flush and clean, seeing the slide sticking out the back made me think that maybe the quality control was off on this one and perhaps there are things we don't see on the surface like this that may also be out of tolerance or not first rate internally. It's kind of like having a bunch of Fords and Chevys that are beautiful and run great, then you buy a Cadillac only to find when you shut the door it doesn't close all the way, leaving a gap in the side of the car when you are looking at it, but it locks and the car drives fine. Yeah, it works, but all you can see is the lines that are not right and wonder what else isn't right. We haven't shot it yet because we wanted to make sure it was not some kind of "second" that we paid full price for. If we don't shoot it we can return it. If people with these guns with this same look are saying theirs are the "normal", then I guess we can deal with it. We will take it out and shoot it Friday and see if it can pass muster.
  6. Considering that all of our other good shooting, close fitting pistols ran in the $400 range (including 2 Witness 45's) and after postage it is nearly $900, yes, this is a high dollar pistol for us. It is all relative I guess.
  7. We have a couple other EAA Witness 45's and an EA380 from the 70's that have a better slide fit than that. It just seems wrong on a high dollar pistol. Out of some dozen pistols, this is the only one with that hang out on the slide.
  8. We just bought a brand new Stock II and the slide does not fit flush with the back of the rail, it hangs over the back a bit. We have a lot of cheaper guns that fit perfectly there and are a bit disappointed that the money these things cost that the fit is so off. 2nd is the markings on the rear right side of the slide just below and behind the rear sight. I have searched the web all morning trying to find an explanation or closer photo of the same markings on other guns and can't find anything. A few that I can see it looks like something recognizable. On ours it is like somebody took a tiny punch and obliterated whatever it was supposed to be. I feel almost like it is a way of denoting a "second". Maybe that is a quality mark and the seconds (like this one with the slide that does not appear to fit right) get the mark defaced. The Stock II on the slide is also in a bold all caps engraving, I assume it is a newer model style? It has FT-IT 2016 above the right grip. Anyone know what the deal is here? What the mark is and if the poor fit on the slide is "normal" for a gun of this caliber?
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