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  1. None of the mag releases are welded.
  2. Jeff_Alan

    P320 RX

    The SSI also increases the size of the grip some.
  3. Jeff_Alan

    X5 grip weight

    Gives the gun a good feel and balance.
  4. These will help get a hold of them. https://www.tandemkross.com/Companion-Magazine-Bumper-for-Ruger-1022-2-PACK_p_27.html
  5. Jeff_Alan

    M17 slide on an X5

    Just mill the X5 slide it wont be much to take off. I don't know but they say the bolt pattern is the same. Could always get a Springer mounting plate that will fix the X5 and the DPP. I use the Romeo 1 6moa and very happy with it. Tried the DPP 7.5 and never did like the triangle.
  6. If looking for more weight in you grip. This would be Production/CO legal. I know a couple of guys using this and they really like it. I am trying to save up for it myself. http://www.shootingsportsinnovations.com/X5-Tungsten-Grip-Module-X5-Tungsten-Grip.htm http://www.shootingsportsinnovations.com/X5-Tungsten-Slug-X5-SLUG.htm
  7. I have found Duracell is the best batteries for all my optics. Both my Romeo 1s came with Maxwell or something like that and it didn't last very long..
  8. Another for the Anderson. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hard to believe that you got 2 bad ones, but anything is possible. I have a 6moa that has around 10,000 rounds with no problems at all. I have not heard or seen anybody having trouble with the 6moa.
  10. They did change the 6moa internally. It’s seams to be much better. I only have about 5500 but have heard of several with 10k plus.
  11. No it’s not cheap. But supposedly a damn good barrel. My X5 can already out shoot me though
  12. Sig said the stainless was wearing bad. Mine was built in June or July 2017 and was told that was one of the 1st runs with black barrel.
  13. My 16’ KAW Valley I load 125rn and 135tc at 1.14. Haven’t tried longer but testing this winter
  14. Don't think he has done the manual safety but search Alma Cole on YouTube
  15. Good thing about your Viper is Vortex will fix or replace it. I have not had that problem with my viper yet. I agree with jcc7x7 the Romeo 1 6moa is much better than the 3moa that I had
  16. Support hand grip. Which unfortunately I relaxed to often
  17. I use it on my optic batteries because it was recommended by a few others that have been using it for years on there open guns. Don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but haven’t had any issues using it. I change my batteries every 6 months which might be to often but don’t want to change one at a match. Also have better luck Duracell batteries.
  18. I believe the Romeo 1 mounting screws are 25 -28 inch pounds.
  19. Have any of you priced tungsten?
  20. Don’t know. But sure hope it does just received one yesterday
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