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  1. We just posted videos on the format of the man on man match on facebook . Check out The Deer tribe Pheonix Pcc challenge. Also on my page Brian Smith and on Bob Buffas page. Lots of videos!
  2. I take it you're in the military or have been , if so thanks for your service.
  3. Hope you can make it. I'm going to be posting some practice videos. Tell your steel shooting buddies!
  4. New information on the PHOENIX PCC Challenge about registration. Also of note lunch will be provided at the range for competitors. Updated contact information for the match organizers.
  5. Registration is now up on practiscore!! Video footage to be available soon. Drag racing with firearms to be the first to the stop plate. Lots of adrenaline and sit second victories.
  6. If you shoot steel you need to check out the Phoenix pcc challenge man on man match!!
  7. PCC ROCKS AND THE DEER TRIBE GUN CLUB presents the Phoenix Pcc challenge. FEATURING $5000 in cash and Prizes.. Overall winner $1000 2nd $500 3d $300 4th $200 5th $100 4 _$100 random drawings for the competitors. A history making match.! The first all PCC man on man steel match! 8 stages of man on man steel. 4 rack stages and 4 Steel stages USPSA PCC gun rules apply Being held at Ben Avery practical pistol range Sunday March 8 @7am The scoring and format is the same as the former American Handgunner and Pheonix Handgunner matches!! Contact Brian Smith at 615 497 1555 or Bob Buffa by face book messenger for more info. No pistols just Uspsa legal Pcc's.
  8. What's going on with this match. I can't find any current info on marchbook, stages, etc. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get any info? I've emailed the contacts on uspsa match site and no info.
  9. Most of the candidates for office are officially on the record as being in complete support of a self funded official USPSA team, while others are conditionally supportive. As to many incumbents, they must not care about the Seniors as the silence is deafening, particularly those not up for election. Please let all of the USPSA leadership know that the issue of equal recognition for Senior shooters IS NOT GOING AWAY! For the record current Area 6 Director Charles Bond and current Area 5 Director Gary Stevens are in favor of a USPSA Seniors team. The President has not issued his official position, but several of the Presidential candates are very much in favor of giving the single largest group of USPSA members the respect and recognition they deserve, including Gary Stevens and Ray Hirst. Another inequity to address is while Seniors comprise by far the largest group of shooters at the Nationals, the awards system does not award Seniors in the same manner as Juniors and Ladies. The relevant email addresses are: area1@uspsa.org; area2@uspsa.org; area3@uspsa.org; area4@uspsa.org; area5@uspsa.org; area6@uspsa.org; area7@uspsa.org; area8@uspsa.org; president@uspsa.org; vicepresident@uspsa.org
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