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  1. Registration is now up on practiscore!! Video footage to be available soon. Drag racing with firearms to be the first to the stop plate. Lots of adrenaline and sit second victories.
  2. If you shoot steel you need to check out the Phoenix pcc challenge man on man match!!
  3. PCC ROCKS AND THE DEER TRIBE GUN CLUB presents the Phoenix Pcc challenge. FEATURING $5000 in cash and Prizes.. Overall winner $1000 2nd $500 3d $300 4th $200 5th $100 4 _$100 random drawings for the competitors. A history making match.! The first all PCC man on man steel match! 8 stages of man on man steel. 4 rack stages and 4 Steel stages USPSA PCC gun rules apply Being held at Ben Avery practical pistol range Sunday March 8 @7am The scoring and format is the same as the former American Handgunner and Pheonix Handgunner matches!! Contact Brian Smith at 615 497 1555 or Bob Buffa by face book messenger for more info. No pistols just Uspsa legal Pcc's.
  4. What's going on with this match. I can't find any current info on marchbook, stages, etc. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get any info? I've emailed the contacts on uspsa match site and no info.
  5. Most of the candidates for office are officially on the record as being in complete support of a self funded official USPSA team, while others are conditionally supportive. As to many incumbents, they must not care about the Seniors as the silence is deafening, particularly those not up for election. Please let all of the USPSA leadership know that the issue of equal recognition for Senior shooters IS NOT GOING AWAY! For the record current Area 6 Director Charles Bond and current Area 5 Director Gary Stevens are in favor of a USPSA Seniors team. The President has not issued his official position, but several of the Presidential candates are very much in favor of giving the single largest group of USPSA members the respect and recognition they deserve, including Gary Stevens and Ray Hirst. Another inequity to address is while Seniors comprise by far the largest group of shooters at the Nationals, the awards system does not award Seniors in the same manner as Juniors and Ladies. The relevant email addresses are: area1@uspsa.org; area2@uspsa.org; area3@uspsa.org; area4@uspsa.org; area5@uspsa.org; area6@uspsa.org; area7@uspsa.org; area8@uspsa.org; president@uspsa.org; vicepresident@uspsa.org
  6. Does anyone know of a club running an IPSC classifier match (Linda Chico's mail in) in order to obtain an IPSC classification prior to the Targeting Education World Shoot qualifier match? I'd like to get classifed prior to the Targeting education match. Thanks and best regards, Brian Smith
  7. Bobby (Gene) Carver and I shot 230 jhp .45 loaded to 230 pf in both spacegun and stock gun classes at Second Chance. Bobby set many records and was always a contender in all Masterblaster gun categories. I struggled along in OSS. When Brian Enos talks of one shot one pin, all I can remember is how those hot 230 jhp rounds would levitate a pin and slam it straight to the back stop, even with a side hit. Of course, by the end of a 1000 round week we had to work on our tendinitis. Boy, I really miss the independent state of Second Chance- it was a magic place at a magic time. The bonfire evenings were the best. Best regards, Brian Smith ps- I had more luck at other pin matches shooting 195 pf .38 super ipsc loads. The gun was more controllable, but you surely had to hit the magic sweet spot in the center of the pin. The 230 pf rounds, there was more room for error in pin hits. Except for the time I blew up a gun on the line with a double charge- that's a different story for a different day
  8. Mick, the age for senior at the world shoot -IPSC is 50, for some unknown reason USPSA is moving to 55. So you have 2 chances to shoot Senior on a USPSA seniors team at the World Shoot before you make Sr. in USPSA ( depending on your current age). Best regards, Brian Smith I agree, USPSA should be serving ALL of its members. Best regards, Brian Smith
  9. Seniors and Super Seniors, As one of, it not the largest, dues paying groups in USPSA/IPSC it's time to ask for equal recognition. Below is a request to the USPSA leadership for USPSA recognised self funded Seniors and Super Seniors teams to the World Shoot. If you support this endeavor please let the USPSA BOD and Leadership know, thier email addresses follows the letter. Best regards, Brian Smith Subject: USPSA recognition of Seniors and Super Seniors for the World Shoot As an active USPSA competitor, member, and match sponsor, I ask for your support of official USPSA recognition of a self funded effort to win the World Shoot awards for Senior and Super Senior. IPSC does in fact award world championship awards to Senior and Super Senior, so how about a USPSA recognition of a team of Seniors and Super Seniors who are striving to win these individual honors? If this group pays it's own way, how much of a "burden" could it be to USPSA? Baby boomers are the most active, affluent group to hit senior status and are totally redefining the concept of "being old." We're going down kicking and screaming and living a life no one envisioned 20 years ago. If USPSA wants to attract this demographic market as shooters, officials, sponsors, and active dues paying members maybe a little recognition of their ambitions and accomplishments would help in that endeavor. And in fact, Seniors and Super Seniors are, if not the largest group of USPSA members, certainly larger than other special interest categories. The Seniors tour doesn't seem to have hurt the golfing world any, in fact it has become a huge profit center for the sport. Let's all admit that we aren't competing for the money (except for a handful of professional shooters). We shoot for the feeling of self accomplishment and a few seconds of recognition by others that we are good at we we set out to achieve. USPSA loves to showcase champions-to have the best mens, womens, and junior shooters in the world. So just add the best Senior and Super Seniors in the world to the list. Where's the down side to the sport and USPSA? There is huge recognition difference in going as a "private citizen shooter" vs earning a spot on the USPSA team. And in fact the Senior World Champion may be a private citizen shooter. But every coach, leader, and motivator will agree that the simple (and inexpensive) act of recognition is a huge motivator and reward in itself. Just being able to say "I made the US Team" is an honor in and of itself. And that's what I'm asking the USPSA leadership to do. Simply give some Seniors and Super Seniors a little more motivation and incentive and inexpensive reward -earning a spot on the USPSA team to compete at the world shoot for the World Championship at their own expense. Just the simple dignity and respect afforded Juniors, Ladies, and the Super studs. To not do so is at best unfair and at worst discriminatory. Best regards, Brian Smith fy25058 Brian L. Smith Smith.Sholar.Associates.PLLC., Attorneys 1164 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066 615-452-5282 615-451-1033 fax bsmith@smithsholar.com www.smithsholar.com USPSA leadership and BOD email addresses are: : Office@uspsa.org; area1@uspsa.org; area2@uspsa.org; area3@uspsa.org; area4@uspsa.org; area5@uspsa.org; area6@uspsa.org; area7@uspsa.org; area8@uspsa.org; president@uspsa.org;
  10. Just wondered if there are any major matches scheduled in March, 2006? I understand the SC state match is penciled in for April 7 weekend and thought I read earlier on this board that an ALA open match might be in the works. With all of the really good matches jammed into June, spreading a few out early and late might help attendance at all of them. It's great to live in Area 6 where virtually every state/section has a match. It would be great if they all got posted in the USPSA calendar so we can start making our agenda now. I don't know about anyone else, but looking forward to a match in 2, 3, 4 5, 6 months pulls me through the bull**** of work and makes practicing more worthwhile. Best regards, Brian Smith
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