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  1. I have several JPs, and while I use thermal dissipators on all of my big rifles, I don’t think they are necessary on 9mm. I don’t have one on mine, and don’t miss it. For fast shooting like uspsa, I don’t think the roller trigger is the right option. I would also go with a 14.5” barrel with a pinned comp, and the lightest hand guard that is full length. Also GET the extended mag release. I can’t say that enough! This is one of the weak links compared to something like a Lead Star. The standard mag release is very flat, stretched across a flat receiver, and you just can’t tell if your finge
  2. There is a reason that a ton of top shooters have higher magnification on their scopes. Yes, most stages are shot around 14 power, but occasionally you will have the opportunity and need to turn one up. You can use a scope in the 3-18 range, and most of the time it will be ok, but there will be a point where you will want more. During load development you will probably want more. I went with a more affordable model for my small AR, a Vortex HST with a max power of 16. It only had 5 mils on the top knob, so I was having to fight with remembering where I was revolution wise. This scope only las
  3. I agree with a lot of the above, but I have to disagree with Drew. So many of the PRS guys ARE former military, that's there are probably more of us than there are civilians. Most of the civilian PRS shooters I know are also hunters, and while it is different shooting a person, most of them have whacked enough deer to be over the killing part. We understand that deer aren't people, but don't compare PRS shooters to average joe walking down the street, because they aren't. I wouldn't run out there at 1k and stick my tongue out at them.
  4. Shot number 5 from that group here.
  5. Don't know why someone would recommend going to a 6.5 for the 200-400 yd range as this is a great range for the 233. Go over to Gibbz arms, and get you a side charger and match it up with a nice barrel from JP. I'd get one of the longer ones to keep my velocity up, with as fast a twist as they have and shoot something in the 69-75 gr bullet range. The gun should shoot good, and accurately, and the bigger bullets should do a good job for you with a little bit of Varget. Use the longest hand guard that you can find to get your bipod as far forward as you can, and use a good trigger. Just to clar
  6. Dustin, you really need to do your research on those barrels. The articles I read were not that impressive, as in a gun writer who is happy that he got 1.3" groups, because he was hoping for 2". WHAT? 1.3" groups at 100 yds in a precision gun equals "run like hell". I have a 16" Delton with a 4power scope that will do that.
  7. There should be a sight picture for every shot. You should not be losing the target with an ar. If you are, something is wrong. I'm just a regular shooter, but I'm running splits in the .16-.18 range and seeing every shot. It may be time to call up a local GM and get a lesson. You aren't too far from Larry Brown. He can be a little abrasive at a match, because he is an intense competitor, but I can promise you, when you take a lesson from him, you are his number one priority. I had been a competitor for years, and my scores had plateaued, so I figured I needed a lesson. Man, what an eye opene
  8. Proof makes barrels that are well respected. Save yourself some heartache. If you want to reach out with precision at longer ranges, don't cheap out on the barrel. It is the most important link in the whole system. There are makers that do good work, Lila, Bartlein, and JP all make good stuff. Do they cost more, of course they do. I tried to do a long range gun on a budget one time. Before I was through, I had spent another three grand on an entire different rifle because I was so pissed off because the first one did not shoot good enough. Only you can decide what you want to do, but if you tr
  9. Most scopes have a nice flat spot right under the turrets. Keep adding or subtracting flat gauges until you get it nice and snug between the pic rail and the bottom of the scope and tighten your screws. You will have to fiddle with it a little to get your tension correct. Be careful when you tighten your screws. If you have too much gap in the screws when start to tighten them down, you will pinch the feeler gauge and not be able to get it out once everything is tight. Just take your time and everything g will go smooth. Like Graham says, you will probably want to put a level on your scope for
  10. I use the feeler gauge under the center turret method. You can also level your rifle, shine a flashlight back through the scope onto a plumb bob and make your adjustments to the plumb bob.
  11. Michael, 1moa is not going to be good enough. I read a pretty long article by Brian Litz, and with a lot of scientific evidence that I'm sure you would enjoy, his number for PRS is .7". Anything under that is awesome, but that is what you need. I wish I could remember where the article was, it has been several months since I read it. I'm also trying to pull info out of a brain that is heavily influenced by oxycodone. It's like trying to swim through pea soup. Also just read a review on one of his 223 barrels. Several groups fired, .75 was the best, the average was around 1.3". The writer was
  12. The Savage TR shoots real good out of the box. It mimics a PRS style Tac rifle very nicely for affordable practice. No need to build, or send to Kidd, or change barrels and triggers and stuff. Just buy it, scope it, and start shooting. I do agree with the above poster about ammo. Many people don't realize that 22 ammo is right on the border of the supersonic zone, and on longer shots, the bullet is coming down through the sound barrier, and that really messes up that little flying brick. For longer shots, try sub-sonic ammo. Since the bullet never has to cross the sound barrier, it remains muc
  13. Michael!! It's time for you to stop talking and start building. I need more shooters to come and battle it out for the bottom slots with me!
  14. Dan Newberry is Gtg. If western Va isn't too far for you, his lessons are well worth the money. Very laid back, no pressure, just good instruction and good data. If you have a friend go, the price comes down a little per person, and you can split gas and stuff. His stuff is listed under a website for Bangsteel.com
  15. Vortex used to have some good videos about mounting scopes on YouTube. Good basic info that is good to know. Better than watching somebody that thinks they know.
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