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  1. Either I am misunderstanding your post, or you are mine. Both shells go fully into the magazine tube, and only the second (last) shell into the tube is then released into the receiver onto the lifter to be fed. It is not an issue of the shells being completely released as if you fully released the shell catch (al la the gen 1 bolt release.) As I stated in my original post the issue seems to be that you can activate the shell catch by pressing down on it, usually happens as a byproducts of quad/twin loading. I'm not the first to have this issue, nor am I new to the platform. I've been using
  2. I'm that shooter. I have 2 original 1301 Comps (pre SN move and w/o extended factory lifter) and picked up a Comp Pro over the winter. The Pro CONSTANTLY ghost loaded when quad loading or even when my GF loads 2's. I tried a new shell latch and many other things. I surmise that the largest factor at play is the new lifter. With it being held down the shell release is not only more exposed and prone to being hit, but it is also less supported and and be pressed straight down and will trigger a shell to kick out onto the lifter. I tried contracting Beretta but they basically told
  3. Well 3 gun is expensive, by nature, and everyone is trying to cut corners and save cost. Everyone. Further this is a thread with BUDGET in the title, so yes, apparently we are considering cost here. A 1301 comes more set up than an m4 out of the box for much cheaper. The aftermarket isn't there for m4's either. Last time I looked there were hardly any tubes available let alone any that actually got you to around 12rds again for a relatively reasonable price. Now the issue of Benneli vs Beretta as a whole is an entire different discussion. The m2 is wildly popular, for
  4. I've been shooting 3 Gun for years all over the country and I've not seen more that 3 or 4 total m4's at all of those matches combined, and always in the hands of someone newer/less competitive. Meanwhile, you see 1301's all over at nearly every match with many of them being used by the better shooters at a match. And they're a fraction of the cost of m4's... Furthermore as a Marine I have lots of experience with Benelli m1014's and yet myself and nearly all of my friends use Berettas.
  5. Who cut your port? ...or is that a home done job?
  6. The new latch doesn't allow you to use it to release shells from the tube. Some people hated the old latch and went so far as to call it a 'fatal flaw.' I've been shooting a 1301 for 4 very busy years now and never accidentally released shells, I actually like the feature of the original latch as it makes unloading after a stage a breeze.
  7. Well I've had my 1301 Comp Pro for about a week now. I put a few rounds though it, but just plinking as it still needs it's port cut. Which brings me to the fact the loading port is about the same as the original Comp, but it does seem a bit more open, definitely needs work though. I have a mega kick off stock on my 1301 comp so the pro with it's plus stock feels about the same. Although the pro did come with a 1" spacer installed on it's kick off plus stock so out of the box it's aggressively long. I can also confirm that the new comp pro trigger group fits in the original 1301 i
  8. I'll be picking my Pro up sometime this week. I have two original 1301 C's I can compare against that I've been shooting for the past 4 years. I'll likely get it out on the range this coming weekend and will report back.
  9. Any updates at all? Round counts? Buckshot required? Slings? Schedule/squad matrix? We're about 8 days out and haven't heard anything. Need to start prepping.
  10. Thanks for your input. I've been shooting 3 Gun for about 4 years now. Most of that time with a 1301, so I've got plenty of experience just none of it with inertia guns. I'd agree the biggest thing pulling me towards the m2 over the breda is the comfort tech and the ability to set it up a little more personally.
  11. I've recently found myself in need of a new scatter gat due to an unfortunate happenstance. Luckily though I also picked up a Roth Performance receiver off a prize table the same day I broke my current shotgun. I'm just trying to decide between building up an m2 or a b12i with the new receiver so I'm looking for pros and cons from people who have experience with both. Up to now all I've ever shot is a 1301 so I have no experience with either gun. It's also worth mentioning that I'm a lefty so to set up a m2 it would cost a bit more for stock parts to set it up for me.
  12. Mine was opened up by RCI almost two years ago. Only cleaned once a year, thousands upon thousands of rounds through it. Still looks great, can't really recall any malfunctions in the past two years either.
  13. No clue on the barrels. But I'm tempted to say yes since the 1301 us really just a spec'd out 400. Most every other part is interchangeable so it would stand to reason that the barrels would be too. Only thing to consider is the barrels are so astronomically expensive that at that point you might as well just buy a different gun for a few more dollars...
  14. Any A400 stock should mount up just fine. There are tons of A300 stocks as well. I put an A400 Mega Kick Off stock on my 1301, bolted right up.
  15. I mentioned those baseplates in my first post on this thread. I have two sets of them, they're great. Alot cheaper than some of the other options out there and much better for prone than any of the other extensions I've seen or used. Again, also usefull to coupling 20rd mags as most other options don't work on mags that short.
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