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  1. What ammo are you using? And I would use plenty of oil during break in. I would check the ejector and extractor and look to see if there is brass marking on the ejection port. I know mine with light loaded ammo just barely clears the gun. But I have not had any jams. I haven’t had any brass particles in the gun. Something has to be damaging the brass, does the brass have marks on it?
  2. I have the walther q5 match sf I want a flat trigger from APEX and trigger bar but they say theirs won't work on the sf does anyone have both the plastic q5 match and the sf match? what is the difference? is it just in the trigger bar or more than that. my trigger has lots of takeup and not crisp at all.
  3. How. Did you get it that slim? How did you get it that slim? It looks great.
  4. Does anyone know how to get rid of the take up on the trigger . Can you put a set screw at the top of the trigger to restrict travel? And if so how do you fix the trigger safety to work and what other problems will you run in to it.
  5. What 13# spring and guide rod can I use in the walther q5 match steel frame gun?
  6. The gen3 flat wire recoil spring doesn’t fit the sf guide rod I tried it
  7. I have a walther Q5 match sf that will be here tomorrow. Also have a TTI base pad +5 coming tomorrow. I have a Graham’s spring and follower for p320 140mm length and that will get me 23 rounds in it for carry optics?
  8. I had one of these built online by 3D hubs for 20.00 and it works great.
  9. I have had my Evolution Pro since August and am very happy with it. I have loaded around 6000 rounds of 9mm and am begging friends to bring components and let me load for them. I am also interested in the primer collator. Primers are hard to keep up with. I am thrilled with my Evolution Pro. I applaud Mark 7 for having the guts to take on such a large project of introducing the Evolution series of presses. Not a small task. I know waiting isn’t my strong suit either but I’m glad I did. When any of you get your press and have an issue or a question I will be happy to try and help. I am not an electronics type person but mechanical I have a better chance. I look forward to every loading session. Thank- You Mark 7.
  10. If I remember correctly Microsoft pulled more crap with windows upgrades and forcing the consumer into using things in windows they did not want or need that I never thought they had anything to pay upfront for.?
  11. I also went from a LNL to a Dillion 650 so I could auto drive. The 650 with mark 7 auto drive did really well but the priming system gave me a lot of bent and smashed primers. You have to use cci primers to keep them from going off. The 650 priming system is not the best. I also bought 110.00 dollars worth after market parts to make the 650 run smoothly. If you set off a primer on a 650 the whole tube will go off. Not good. The priming system on the evolution works better than any I have had. The handle is a roller grip with bearings in it. Heavy duty. The spring that holds the brass on the evolution works similar to the Lnl but the Dillion 650 will give you issues on the the case feed part because nothing holds the brass in place as it goes up and will misalign and jam. Stick to the mark 7 you will be happier.
  12. I have seen some negative comments on the rcbs pro chucker and how cheaply it’s made. The Evolution is worth the money. It comes down to, you get what you pay for.
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