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  1. Forums sometimes brand new arfcom
  2. Both are pathetic and i don't even remember the the actual numbers but I do remember the reload was faster
  3. Not sure about any other options but I have a Henning and it is great. I am considering changing all my firearms
  4. Might be okay depending on the thickness
  5. Have you ever handle a KSG? if so whats it like in comparison
  6. Does it feel bulky. I am sure the build quality is great. I have a Tavor 7 and it eats anything
  7. Nike trainers three different lens options. Figment is not the best going to try out Oakleys
  8. I ordered from Bayou in July and seems to be its going to take until December. So I placed and orde with RMR also
  9. Feel around the inside and like the others said send a picture to Lee they will take Care of you
  10. This is the best thread so far also Tan Foe Leo
  11. Anyone think this is the last of low priced ammo. Or just another wave and a couple years from now ammo will be cheap again
  12. Pick one up had a chance to fumble it seemed well made didn't get to try it out.
  13. ACID brush how pack from harbor freight
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