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  1. I installed the flat trigger three weeks ago on a brand new limited. I did a polish job and watched as many videos as I could find. But range trip after range trip I constantly got multiple failure to resets after every combination of adjustment. I keep disasemlibg and polishing nothing ever worked. Next step was to replace with a larger trigger return spring. Then one day it just started working, quickly discovered the problem was magazines. I have 12 magazines 10 were from my old circa 2002 gold team two new ones. The newer ones have a notch cutout where the older ones drag against the trigger bar on the port/left side. The newer ones work and the older ones provide to much friction that the lighter return spring can't overcome. Now I will modify all the magazines to run in both guns. Hope this helps someone
  2. Hello it looks like I am a week late I just purchased a Tanfoglio DAA racer a week ago.  Do you have any other Tan items? for sale

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