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  1. I’ve started using FP-10 because dan wesson recommends it for their gun. I’ve also used slip 2000 ewl with good results too. Stays put and doesn’t burn off.
  2. 3.9gr of TG behind a 124gr Xtreme RN plated @ 1.150 overall length with a Winchester small pistol primer is about 1050fps out of a 5in 1911.
  3. Another vote for slip200 ewl
  4. the_t0ny

    9mm Minor

    I currently load 3.9gr titegroup under a xtreme 124gr rn at 1.140 oal with a Winchester primer. Makes about 130 pf out of my glock 34 with a kkm barrel.
  5. I checked hodgdons website andnit stated 4.7gr was the max charge for tite group. Maybe I got it mixed up with Lyman's 49th, I'll have to double check the book to see if there is a 40 recipe using tite group.
  6. Out of which gun? When I tried 4.6gr of titegroup behind a 180gr xtreme rnfp at 1.125 oal and was only able to get about 890fps/160pf out of my stock glock 22. The recoil felt great but it didn't make major.
  7. I was curious if anyone else had a recipe to make minor power factor out of a glock 22 or 35 using titegroup, xtreme plated 180gr rnfp, and Winchester small pistol primers? I chrono'd some rounds and had to up the powder charge to 4.9gr of titegroup at 1.125 overall length to get it to make major pf out of a stock glock 22. Lyman's 49th states 4.7gr as the max charge. I inspected the cases afterwards and didn't see any signs of overpressure on the primer. Should I play with the overall length or put a little bit more crimp on the round to lower the powder charge below the recommended max. And if you have a load that uses 180gr xtreme rnfp and titegroup powder, please share if you don't mind. Thanks.
  8. If you don't mind, mind sharing your load data? I have some prima v and want to try some out in 40 major with 180gr plated for myself
  9. They're sold in 1.1lbs containers, little bit more bang for your buck.
  10. I'm curious too, I guess I should've asked glock at shot show but didn't even think of it.
  11. 180gr xtreme at 1.130oal with 4.5gr titegroup and a s&b primer got an average of 932fps from a smith and Wesson m&p 40.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, how much powder and what overall length are you loading the 9mm 147gr fp blue bullets to?
  13. I had read that the prima v is equivalent to tite group and people were posting chrono results with prima v and achieving the same velocity as titegroup in the same charge weight or pretty close 4.0 vs 3.9 so I figured it'd be the same in 40.
  14. I'm planning on loading 40s&w and 45acp soon on my Dillon 550. I purchased a few pounds of vectan prima v for my 9mm and was wondering if any of you use it for 40s&w and 45acp? For the 40 I'll most likely be using a 180gr xtreme plated em bullet loaded to make major pf shot out of a glock 22 and eventually a sti edge and for the 45acp it'll be a 230gr xtreme plated rn shot out of a 1911. And if you don't mind please share your load data. Thanks.
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