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  1. I bought a sample pack of em to try and they were more accurate out of my shadow 2.
  2. I use almost the same load in my shadow 2. Only difference is 1.150 OAL and with the .356 diameter bullets. Spot on accurate.
  3. My shadow 2 load with 135gr blue bullet truncated cone is 3.2gr titegroup loaded to 1.145in overall length. It chronos at 127pf.
  4. Once I switched to the MA dies my hundo pass rate has gone up to around 95-99% vs around 75-80% when I was using a Dillon and Lee U-die for 9mm. Most of my case gauge failures were caused from using bulged brass. To me those dies are worth it!
  5. I’ve started using FP-10 because dan wesson recommends it for their gun. I’ve also used slip 2000 ewl with good results too. Stays put and doesn’t burn off.
  6. 3.9gr of TG behind a 124gr Xtreme RN plated @ 1.150 overall length with a Winchester small pistol primer is about 1050fps out of a 5in 1911.
  7. I currently load 3.9gr titegroup under a xtreme 124gr rn at 1.140 oal with a Winchester primer. Makes about 130 pf out of my glock 34 with a kkm barrel.
  8. If you don't mind, mind sharing your load data? I have some prima v and want to try some out in 40 major with 180gr plated for myself
  9. They're sold in 1.1lbs containers, little bit more bang for your buck.
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