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  1. Kristofke

    Cracked hammer shadow2

    Sorry for the poor photo, The limiet was just 0,5 mb ?? ?
  2. Kristofke

    Cracked hammer shadow2

  3. Kristofke

    Cracked hammer shadow2

    Here in europe everyone i know who has a shadow2 , it's hammer is cracked at the bottom All the cases i know are from the first production We have contact cz already and for now they won't do annything But maybe if they recieve more complains they will look at it. Most people don't know it is cracked until it is completely broken. Do you guy's have the same probleme ? This is mine after 6000 rounds
  4. Kristofke

    What's your favorite load for the cz 75 shadow

    Shell : S&B primers :S&B 4,3grains n320 los 123grains 356 rn. OAL 28,6 mm