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  1. Have you the problem with a fully loaded magazine ?
  2. I have shoot in Russia, Bryansk range : sand is everywhere. Only open guys (with sand in the mags) and some manuals have trouble.
  3. I have run both. Both are great choice. My feelings : more recoil with m2 than 1301 easier to load faster with m2 than 1301 more tuning parts available for m2 M2 fits better for tall people (1.80m and taller) if you don’t like clean your gun : m2 is your gun 1301 is ipsc world champion, m2 is #2, #3, #4 and #5 for 1301 again.
  4. When you’re shooting practical did you need this part?
  5. Not touch the cutout but polish the head to improve a little the loading.
  6. Not enough strong but can make some issues happen. Since october i’m working on several kind of prototype springs, but actually the best results are with both stronger springs to have proper timing.
  7. OEM lifter's main spring is too weak with a bended magic lifter's spring by adding an additional counter tension. It's timing problem unless you always have this issue in the past.
  8. Hi ! your malfunction picture is usually from a too weak lifter's main spring for the bended liftier's spring (bad timing in fact). But after trying this too after 2000 / 2500 rounds : same suck. The challenge is to find the ring tension for keepig reliability in the time AND can fit the little space vailable in the trigger group.
  9. CAS have you tried to bend the spring ?
  10. Yes, you need a stronger or just a little longer spring to increase preload for the last shell.
  11. Who have tried to bend the spring ?
  12. You can buy this lifter or the complete trigger group directly to Beretta (in EU it's possible).
  13. Ok, in shotgun ipsc match minimum one option 3 start each 12 stages.
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