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  1. CAS have you tried to bend the spring ?
  2. Yes, you need a stronger or just a little longer spring to increase preload for the last shell.
  3. Who have tried to bend the spring ?
  4. You can buy this lifter or the complete trigger group directly to Beretta (in EU it's possible).
  5. Ok, in shotgun ipsc match minimum one option 3 start each 12 stages.
  6. My way to make a smooth option 3 table start not cocked hammer : Grab the gun and open the bolt, flip the gun, grab ammo, close the bolt with the ammo and load, trigger trick, rack and bang. And for Toni : i think the trigger trick is more smooth and fast than pushing the button.
  7. I have tried the dril this afternoon, i don't have rack so i have used 4 ipsc plate and 2 popper beetween 11m to 13m with full choke. 1st attempt : 6.31sec / 2nd attempt 6.30 with one miss / 3rd attempt 5.77 sec and 4th attempt 5.58.
  8. I think the bending solution can proove the spring is too weak and need a bigger coil to work properly.
  9. Shoot 2, load 8 and shoot 4 ? I think under 6 is possible. i will try next time at the range. Thanks for the drill !
  10. Very painfull to install after bending but prevent some loading issues.
  11. Direct plug'n'play on factory tube.
  12. No "decocked" start in ipsc shotgun. In decocked start i will certainly rack the bolt, activate the bolt release and start loading like i usually do.
  13. On the FB page of Josh Kenny you will find an old vidéo of a table start, option 3, load 4, trigger pull,rack and shooting 4 plates un less than 3,2 seconds.
  14. In ipsc the faster way : bolt closed , grab the gun (right hand), load 8 shell gun upside down with left hand, press the trigger with the right finger gun still upside down, rack gun still upside down and shouldering for fire.
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