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  1. Yesterday i have playing with Josh's shotgun and his "magic lighter". Awesome ! And Josh have a A&S trigger housing to achieve development ! ;)
  2. I think yes because Josh said for option 2 start : no problem, same procedure than normal lifter.
  3. This sunday i will shoot a match in UK. I hope i will see this magic lifter !
  4. Strong and weak hand loading offer more option in IPSC COF. I use weak and for empty start, loading in cooper tunnel and when i need running backward. But sometime i need a loading and my muscle memory choose for me ! ;)
  5. I'm waiting too for Josh Kenny's lifter start selling!!
  6. Can you post picture of the trigger group outside of the gun ?
  7. Not the same system i think. Josh Kenny's lifter is a drop in parts, and MOA need to send the gun, no?
  8. In ipsc use it's very durable. But i not have to drop my rifle in a trash can.
  9. I'm running Uronen front sight with Matech rear sight. The best !
  10. At Ipsc world shoot i have saw the prototype of the "new" 1301 comp in blue color. New grip, same bolt latch than tactical, loading port a little bigger (need work for speed quadload), welded lifter.
  11. Jarkko Laukia touched is new Nordic AR15 and it seems to work very very well.
  12. Love the mag tube!!!!!
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