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  1. I just ordered a sidearmor kydex for one of my revolvers and am anxious to receive it. It looks to be of very high quality. A friend of mine uses one for his G34 and likes it a lot. Sidearmor
  2. Sorry to hear. He was my favorite part of Guns and Ammo magazine. R.I.P. and Semper Fi Col. Cooper.
  3. It's funny to me that there are so many sensitive people that we have to use disclaimers like "I'm not IDPA bashing". Why can't people express their views and opinions without people going off the deep end? With so much of anti gun America on our cases I would think we as shooters would be a tighter knit group. Sorry if I'm off topic but come on, some people are too thin skinned. They are just games and fun ones to boot. Beats standing in one spot on the firing line and shooting a bullseye any day.
  4. To me the reason seems two fold. The first, as stated above is the prevention of rehearsing the course which leads to the more important reason of making it more of a real life scenario in which you typically go into blind, especially us civilians. Loves2shoot - When you do the group walkthrough is when you can figure out your reloads, and sometimes they tell you when to reload. I.E.; engage T1-T3 with two shots each to C.O.M. then do a reload from slide lock and re-engage T1-T3 with one shot to the head. You get the idea. Happy Shooting!!!!!
  5. The same can be said for socialism, which the statement above reeks of. Vlad- I hope you know I was joking.
  6. To have a company outside of the "industry" be a sponsor is a brave thing in this day and age. I always knew they were my favorite for more than just the better product. Now if only Ben and Jerry's will become a sponsor next.
  7. Yeah he definitely blaaaazed through it. 3.85 if memory serves me correctly, and yes Tivo/DVR's are great. Unless your girlfriend fills it up with a bunch of shows you hate! . I still get to record Shooting USA and Sighting In though. A man has his limits.
  8. I have used super glue as well. I punctured my foot last year on a stake on my way to work and was left with a 2" gash. I didn't have insurance at the time so decided to make the 20 minute drive home and take care of it there. Imagine driving a manual transmission with a big gash like that on the ball of my clutch foot. Needless to say it sucked!! But the super glue worked and it didn't sting at all like I thought it would. Everyone thought I was stupid for using it, but I saved myself those outrageous emergency room fees. I still needed a tetnis shot though. So YES it does work! And to re-iterate what others have said. Welcome Taran!
  9. Now here comes the rain. I heard forcasts of up to 8" of rain.
  10. Watch out Jay, you might write something that some people don't want to hear and stir up a hornets nest! I have discovered that it does no good to try to explain to those that do not want to hear. You DO put on GREAT matches and so does Jim even if they are "stolen" from IDPA. Happy shooting to everyone no matter what you shoot, sanctioned or not!! As a great American once said, "Can't we all get along"?
  11. That's too bad. It makes me wonder if it's because IDPA is losing members, therefor less people can actually participate in the match. On a brighter note. Olofson range outside of Polk City will be having a match this Sunday at 9:00am, registration at 8:30. And one in Boone the following Saturday at the same time. If anybody needs directions to the Boone match let me know. Happy Shooting!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Good luck with it. I can't wait to see some pics.
  13. It doesn't upset me, it's just strange that I can shoot my Springer which was ported from the factory (v12). Albeit I had to put an unported barrel in, but I think it would fall under the slide lightening rule. Yet I can't shoot my .45 in ESP. Don't get me wrong I am not mad or upset. It's just interesting. Now if IDPA would only e-mail me back that would be great, it's been almost a week. Maybe they don't even know. Happy Shooting!!
  14. Sounds good to me! Maybe you should pitch that to OLN, The Outdoor Channel, ESPN, Spike, who knows they might do it. Just look at the sea of s##t that they currently put on t.v. Funny thing is when I met my girlfriend 2+ years ago she said she didn't like reality t.v. . Now, lets see... Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, Real World etc.... . Why do people care so much about shows that mean nothing and star nobodies? I really don't even understand why people care so much about celebrities either. I think some people need to get a life or get a hobby. IMO Deadliest Catch on Discovery was awesome! It's REAL reality and scary as hell. I thought about doing it out of high school, but I didn't have the cajones.
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