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  1. dsu96

    Shoe Recommendations

    I have a pair of the Boombah Hellcat's and like them. However, they are not waterproof.
  2. dsu96

    Limited Minor

    For .40 minor, I used to run 180gr or 200 gr at like 3.4-3.6 gr of WST. Since gone to major.
  3. dsu96

    Forum issues

    Been seeing this error (and similar) over the last few days.... An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. Access denied for user 'r######'@'172.xx.xx.xxx' (using password: ***) You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. Try again
  4. dsu96

    12 miles in Boombah Hellcats in a single day..

    I had the opposite experience. I wore a brand new pair of Hellcats to a Level II match. Was at the match from 7a - 5p, first time wearing the shoes, and feet were fine at the end of the day. But the range had a mixture of grass and sandy soil bays...so maybe that made the difference?
  5. If I were to install a lockout die, this would be my config as well.
  6. When I shot Xtreme in my .40, I used their 200 gr RNFP. Loaded them to 1.135" and pushed them with 4.3 gr of WST, which got me 172-ish PF. No pressure problems that I could see. Would assume that if you're only looking for 125 PF that you would likely be safe as well.
  7. dsu96

    Automated brass sorter by weight

    Maybe separating by caliber --- 9 vs 40 vs 45 vs 38 vs etc. ?
  8. dsu96

    Mag falling out of XDm after 2nd shot

    I run the Dawson extensions as well. While I can load to 20, I typically only load 18. At 20, it compresses my mag springs to the point where I get FTF on the last round or 2 due to a weakened/compressed spring. Swap in a new spring and I'm good to go.
  9. dsu96

    Mag falling out of XDm after 2nd shot

    9 or 40? I run an XDm 40 with extended basepads that will allow me to load to 20, possibly 21. However, when I do load to 20, I find that I can have a couple of issues: * wrecks my mag spring * mag doesn't fully seat if slide is closed (due to spring compression issues) So -- what happens if you only load to 18 or 19? Any issues? Or even 10 rounds? Any issues? I suspect that the mag may be too full, which isn't allowing the mag catch to be fully engaged. Recoil then kicks the mag out.
  10. dsu96


  11. Just signed up yesterday -- looking forward to this being my first Level 2 match!
  12. dsu96

    XDM match barrel pitting

    Have you called SA? 800-680-6866 I haven't noticed any pitting on either of my match grade barrels (one 5.25" comp gun and one 3.8" EDC gun).
  13. dsu96

    200 grain 40 Major loads

    Have only ever shot 200 gr. out of my .40's. Was using Xtreme 200 gr RNFP with 4.3 gr of WST @ 1.135", which made 172ish PF. I'm in the process of switching to 200gr Blues and dropping the powder down a little. Preliminary testing shows the Blues to be faster (~ 50 fps on avg) than the Xtreme with the same powder charge, which equates to about another 5-7 on the PF scale. Wanting to settle in to the 170PF area....starting with 4.0 gr of WST and working up. My current gun also appears to like Blues better....little better accuracy and no keyholing.
  14. dsu96

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    This video is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to explain and document the essentials of grip strength and technique!
  15. dsu96

    200 gr bullets tumbling?

    Both. I too wear gloves while loading. However, at matches I don't while loading mags, and experienced that plated are better than coated in that respect. Also, after testing coated (Blues) at the range this past weekend, there was a great deal of soot deposited on the end of my gun. Not sure if it's entirely from the coated or not, but the gun was definitely dirtier after this range session than others. Just my observations.