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  1. That's plan B. Even tho I'm a geezer and from the phone generation (or letter!!!!) - I've come to appreciate the digital paper trail of email. OldJohn
  2. Just an FYI - apparently Meprolight doesn't answer emails. Oh well - still searching for a good front night sight for the 1301 tactical. More when I know more. OldJohn
  3. http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/sights/front-sights/shotgun-night-sights-prod6847.aspx If I copied the link correctly, the Meprolight front sight 34301 (part of a pair, unfortunately) looks amazingly like the 1301T Beretta front sight - and it is a replacement for a Benelli kissing cousin! I'm waiting for a return email from Meprolight to see if it is, in fact, interchangeable. The rear does not appear compatible. Will post again once I hear from them. OldJohn
  4. Yes - that is on the table. I have an Aimpoint on my 6920 carbine - and love it. Will likely happen after tax refunds are back:) Till then - looking for a brighter front sight post. I think that even though it has been out for several years in one form or another, there isn't the following for the 1301 T, and manufacturers aren't willing to gear up for it. I'm currently awaiting a Kick Eez to hopefully mitigate the buck & slug recoil a bit:) OldJohn
  5. I'm assuming you have the comp, as that looks like it won't fit the Tac model? FWIW - just heard back from TRUGLO and they also have no plans for a Beretta 1301 T front sight either. Guess it's not worth the effort for a low volume (for now) shotgun? OldJohn
  6. FYI - Just heard back from HIVIZ - no sights for the 1301 Tactical OldJohn
  7. 1) I posted a few weeks back because I could NOT get my new 1301T re-assembled. Beretta CS was bordering on useless - as I have heard since. Thanks to all who posted suggestions, though none worked. As I may have already posted - the final solution was brute force. That, and finally firing it was the answer. Guess the original tolerances were a bit tight:) Shoots fine - though that is one SOB when it comes to firing 00 buck and slugs!!!! You certainly pay a price for the light weight and quick handling. 2) Q1 - looking for a good FO front sight. I'm in my 7th decade, and the factory sight just doesn't do it for my eyes. 3) Q2 - Regarding the recoil with tactical loads - is the current preference going towards Limbsaver or Kick Eez? Not really concerned with the pad longevity - simply want recoil reduction for these old shoulders:) I know the KE is KZ-109. Is there a specific number for the LS non-grind version - haven't found one yet. Thanks! OldJohn
  8. Glad to see I'm not the only one with Beretta issues:) I can't even get mine re-assembled! Never fired the damn thing. OldJohn
  9. Yep - that's the vid I've been referencing. Viewed countless times and amazed how it goes together in such an easy & simple manner:( OldJohn
  10. Because the barrel will not seat fully to the rear, the forend can't fully slide back to the receiver either. I havent taken the bolt and associated guts out yet - will do so this weekend to see if anything strange is in there. OldJohn
  11. Stops about 1 cm short of fully seating. Appears/feels like it is meeting resistance inside of receiver. Beretta CS response was a joke. One sentence - "Make sure bolt is locked to rear." Really? Getting ready to return it to Field & Stream if I can't get it back together soon. Need to figure out what to dwap the pos for:) Thanks OldJohn
  12. The bolt is as far back as it will go - i.e., that was the first thing I tried. It was the demo model at the LGS, so I'm hoping there isn't something else going on due to bumble-handed customers or sales folks. Thanks. OldJohn
  13. With the hope of starting 3gun, just got a 1301 recently. Followed the Beretta vid for takedown - no problems. Cannot for the life of me get the barrel seated into the reciever to finish reassembly, however???? Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Anyone have a similar issue? TIA OldJohn
  14. OldJohn here. Approaching retirement and looking forward to getting back into shooting. Just got a Beretta 1301 and will post some Qs in the shotty section soon.
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