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  1. ary, just installed the bolo (titan + 1pc sear) last night and quite happy about it. my question is the SA reset. without any comparison reference here in the Philippines, I wonder if i got the fitting right. the my SA reset is a light 'tick' and almost feels like a stop for the trigger to move further. is that about right? or should i shave more until i hear a definite 'CLICK' like in the stock Stock 3.
  2. I probably missed it but what holster are you using for the Stock 3?
  3. I am planning to get an SP-01 Shadowline and the pro package from CGW and the bushing to make it better. My questions is, I'm approaching my budget's limit with just the Shadowline so I would like to ask if I could skip some of the parts in the pro package to lessen the cost a bit. What should i get individually and what can i not get? Considering the Shadowline has an improved hammer, nickel plated trigger, steel guiderod, etc. any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! I am planning to improve the trigger pull on my Para Expert 14.45 and i just want to ask if STI or SV triggers, sears, springs and hammers are direct replacement or will fit the Para with a little fitting? Anyone here has any experience on this matter? Thanks!
  5. I was thinking to use it for production class, the SP-01 is around 20k pesos more than the 941F, maybe some polishing and a main spring/recoil spring change will make it good enough for local matches? Will you recommend it or should i look somewhere else?
  6. Planning on getting a 941F, anybody here still using their BE2s in production? what have you done to the gun to make it shoot better than stock?
  7. ogie, where did you get the extended firing pin for the 941F? what's the mods you've done to it up to now?
  8. Has anyone here shot the Bul Cherokee and the CZ-75 and can you make a comparison between the two please? Any comparison between the Cherokee and other CZ clones would be appreciated too. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! I'm glad to a lot still use it. I might just go for the S3 and refinish it when need be to keep myself in the budget. Btw, what size front sight should i get to replace the stock one? I looked at EG's site and saw different sizes.
  10. I am looking for a 9mm to shoot IPSC production with and my LGS have the Stock III and the Stock III Special available at a discounted price. Seeing how nobody talks in this forum about the Stock III lately and how mg LGS seems to wanna push the gun off their hands, makes me want to ask if the Stock III is still worth buying for IPSC production or if it can still be competitive out of the box? Price offered to me was really tempting. is there any significant differences between the basic and Stock III Special? any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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