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  1. I've used base pads from Springer, shockbottle, and CZ Custom. The shockbottle pads do allow for over insertion at slide lock which can make an oops moment worse. I never really had any issues with the springer pads but I prefer the ones from CZ and use those.
  2. I have over 10,000 rounds through mine with no issues. I put a new piece of fiber in the front sight every other month or so because I like it to be bright red and just like any other gun it gets fouled up pretty good when you shoot/clean a lot. I always hear talk online about the shock buffs causing people issues but I have never seen any issue. I am using the same shock buff that I started with in March and it is fine. I keep waiting for it to "tear up" or "cause me problems" but it just hasn't happened yet. It has not happened to anyone I shoot with yet either. Maybe we're all just lucky. I'm using a BT holster with a BOSS hanger but will probably get a RHT as they are real nice.
  3. Here is a pic of the different base pads. Left is an 18 round CZ mag/springer precision, middle 17 round mec gar/CZC, right 17 round mec gar/shockbottle.
  4. Mine should be here tomorrow if I can figure out how I'll post a pic for you to see the difference.
  5. Thanks Stuart! Order placed.
  6. Thanks Rowdy. I'm assuming you're talking about these https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/mec-gar-base-pads/cz75-17-rnd-base-pad-black.html and not the flush fit then. I'll pick some up soon.
  7. I was looking at these https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/mec-gar-base-pads/cz75-17-rnd-base-pad-black.html Hopefully someone actually using them can confirm.
  8. I'm running the 17 round nickel Mec-gar's with shockbottles and have experienced the over insertion lock up with my shadow 2. Looks like the pads from CZC will prevent this so I'm thinking about ordering some. Anyone running this combo and seeing that it prevents over insertion?
  9. Looks like your gun is on the wrong side. Other than that looks good though. Lots of fluids, once you think you feel dehydrated it's too late, snacks to keep you going, gloves, and a hat. I definitely recommend a BOSS hanger too.
  10. Can't help from Florida but I can give you a bump and hope that someone local sees it.
  11. The floating trigger pin makes it a lot easier to change out the trs when it breaks. Or if your smart it makes it easier to change it out before it breaks. I'm not smart.
  12. This thread is like a car wreck. It hurts me a little to look at but I just can't look away. Either an A+ on the troll job or just another millennial who thinks the entire world should cater to them and what they want.
  13. Focker

    Holster for Shadow 2

    I heard back from seboweapons and it's bad news and good news. The bad news is the base pads do not fit in the production box. The good news is this saves me some cash!
  14. I shot in the Doc Welt match last weekend and we had "mines". Started standing on a platform and swung over the minefield on a rope. If you came up short or dropped off of it you got 1 procedural per pigeon broken. If you didn't want to swing you could run around.
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