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  1. I will way in and maybe help . I bought an m&p 9 last year started shooting it in May with factory jacketed bullets shot fine and grouped good. Well I do reload like most of us do. 125 gr lead(missouri bullet) accuracy went to about 5 inch group at 20yds and had a lot of leading. I tried several different brands and coatings I didn't have as much leading with coated but still had some, accuracy wasn't good with any. I noticed that th bore on mine wasn't polished as well as my wife's m&p pro9 . I gave up and and bought an apex barrel and love it. From what I have read this is a sporadic problem with the m&p 9mm . I would recommend The Blue Bullet Company very good accuracy with these. Hope something in this rambling helps.
  2. Cavern cove in Woodville is the closest uspsa, I'm shootin the IDPA Championship in Mississippi for this match I am going to shoot my S&W M&P 9 With apex barrel I have been known to shoot CDP.
  3. Hello, just wanted to tell a little about myself. I shoot mostly IDPA and a little USPSA I like both but only have so much time. Shooting the Mississippi State Championship Oct. 1 trying to get prepared any pointers would be appreciated. Philip
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