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  1. Thank you to everyone for the replies. It was indeed the pre-travel screw. I adjusted it a little took it out for a test and it worked great. Shot a local match on Sunday and the pistol ran well for all stages. Thanks again!
  2. I have a Tac Sport I picked up a couple of years ago. It is my primary pistol for USPSA and 3 Gun. About a month ago I had a hiccup on one stage at a local match. The gun ran flawlessly for the rest of the match so I didn't think anything of it. Fast forward a month and the problem is getting worse. I shot a 2 day match this past weekend and retired the pistol after the second stage. I had 3 malfunctions on the first stage and 5 on the second stage. There have been other matches in between with some malfunctions but the problem is now more pronounced. Here is what is happening. Aft
  3. The same thought occurred to me as well. I have an SP-01 and I tried these base pads on the one of the mags for that pistol. The base pad was too wide so I'm confident these are meant for TS mags. Was hoping someone else may have experienced the same issue and would share their solution.
  4. Need guidance with some CZC base pads I recently purchased. These base pads are exceptionally tight when I install them. So tight that one requires a rubber mallet to get it completely seated and the other 2 require at least some tapping to get them on. I've measured the width of the magazine tube wings(?) and the width of the corresponding groove in the base pad. The base pads are at least a 10th of an mm narrower than the magazine tube. The super tight base pad is 2 10ths narrower. I am unable to get this one on and off without some sort of help. I thought that if put
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    What is it?

    What a great thread. While familiar with the term Zen, after reading this I realize I lacked an understanding of Zen; still may. Which might be part of the point? I do know that one of the reasons I love to shoot is that it is one of the few places I can close out the noise and be in the moment. Thanks to all who contributed here. Awesome stuff. The monkey warrior really clicked for me.
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