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  1. 2planks

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    The same thought occurred to me as well. I have an SP-01 and I tried these base pads on the one of the mags for that pistol. The base pad was too wide so I'm confident these are meant for TS mags. Was hoping someone else may have experienced the same issue and would share their solution.
  2. 2planks

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    Need guidance with some CZC base pads I recently purchased. These base pads are exceptionally tight when I install them. So tight that one requires a rubber mallet to get it completely seated and the other 2 require at least some tapping to get them on. I've measured the width of the magazine tube wings(?) and the width of the corresponding groove in the base pad. The base pads are at least a 10th of an mm narrower than the magazine tube. The super tight base pad is 2 10ths narrower. I am unable to get this one on and off without some sort of help. I thought that if put them on and off a number of times they would start to loosen up but after a few dozen times on and off it doesn't seem to improve the process. Any suggestions on how to improve this interface? Do I take a little material off the wings of these mags to allow the base pads to go on easier? I'm not a mechanical or machining genius so I don't see an easy (garage achievable) way to increase the lateral width of the grooves in the base pads.
  3. 2planks

    What is it?

    What a great thread. While familiar with the term Zen, after reading this I realize I lacked an understanding of Zen; still may. Which might be part of the point? I do know that one of the reasons I love to shoot is that it is one of the few places I can close out the noise and be in the moment. Thanks to all who contributed here. Awesome stuff. The monkey warrior really clicked for me.
  4. Thank you! Current competition guns are: 9mm xdm 5.25" A franken-gun of sorts for the AR. It is almost reliable now (frantically knocking on wood). Remington 1100. I have a Stoeger M3K at MOA right now. Excited to see that come back. I have been picking up some of the gear for reloading but have not ventured down that rabbit hole just yet. I have a single stage RCBS press.
  5. Hello, I'm David. I have shot in various pistol competitions (IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge) for the past 4 years. Shot my first three gun match about 3 years ago and can not get enough of it. I also shoot skeet on occasion and participated in some long range silhouette matches when I lived on the front range. I would describe my shooting style as methodical (slow) sprinkled with moments of "Yes!" and "Crap!".
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