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  1. Thanx to the people more observant than I
  2. Are the frame rails 1911 style or cz style...that would make a difference
  3. Any thoughts on S&W 1911 for uspsa ss, are they reliable? Do they need a lot of work?
  4. Happyfeet

    929 Info

    Can I ask where you got a new 929 for $900...
  5. Happyfeet

    AO1 SD

    Hi, does any one have an AO1 SD, looking for insights on how it's balanced, and how it performs over all in comparison to other competition guns you may own. The eventual goal is uspsa production division. The LD while easier to find seems to be heavier than I would like. Thanx
  6. Happyfeet

    Should I clean my TSO?

    You paid a lot of money for the TSO, take care of it, who cares if someone's 2011 is finicky that's their choice.
  7. I find production/ss much more challeging, than limited. When I,m tiered, feeling lazy or it's going to rain I,ll shoot limited, other wise I enjoy the stage planing and find production/single stack to be more challenging. I,m in the minority but I think carrying optics should be 10 rounds and am not planning on shooting it until my eyes go. On a seperate note the 10 round limit would make things even for those states where you can have a mix of shooters some from mag limited states and some from no limit states
  8. I'm new to TSO and have questions about the factory sights...how wide is the rear notch and does any one know the width and height of the front fiber optic. I,m thinking of going with a narrower Dawson front fiber Thanx
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