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  1. It's been a long rainy winter. Local shotgun events are starting so I pull my M1 with the M2 barrel I bought for gaming and there is some spots of surface rust near the rib. I checked my M1 barrel, no probs. Why did they have to change the finish? I mean a little steel wool and it's gone but for the price of Benelli barrels they should have stuck to whatever they used before. I mean I shot my Sei in the rain around December, stripped it down and it's totally fine. Pistols are totally fine. I haven't touched my Benelli since October. Generic cheapie home defense pump that gets banged around the closet, totally fine and it cost less than the M2 barrel.
  2. Keep your eyes peeled, you'll eventually run into a deal.
  3. Practicing on a plate rack with cheapie Federal bulk 7.5# I ran my usual IC and splashed the plates to either side. When debugging my gun with STS and AA's IC was fine. Pattern first, then go setup steel and play.....I need to follow that every time I change to a different batch of shells.
  4. If I see one really cheap I'd get it. As it is the quarterly shotgun match at the range 45mins from my home range is next weekend. A diffuser choke costs the same as the Walmart 7.5 I was going to pick up on the way.
  5. My 93 M1 was doing nothing in my safe besides long balling slugs once a year. A $25 club match was all it took to get me hooked. The usual Glock 34, 18" AR, Stoeger guys are on the action range everywhere, every weekend. Shoot one of their M3K's, I did. I decided to throw $ into my gun instead. I already owned it, and I took it out for a bit to 3gun practices as it came from the factory with a light, barrel like yours, factory +4 tube, and a pistol grip. All I heard from those guys is that after a bolt rebuild with Benelli parts, it's just like a Benelli (with an A5 recoil spring). Well, you and I already own Benelli's. It's kinda like Falcon and Maverick guys telling Mustang owners their cars are just like Mustangs. Now that it cycles birds of reliably, I wouldn't give it up after I've dumped $ into it BC the local shotgun matches are what I like best. I like to put my guns to work.
  6. I'm down with less muzzle rise. I'd probably go hipster and mill the side of the bolt you can't see thru the ejection port. Anyone have input on whether that's a bad thing or not?
  7. So weird, I got a red flat faced Nordic follower a month or so ago from them, and one of the problems I was straight ing out was the OP's. I think I'd better call Nordic Monday.
  8. I'm really happy with it. Hauling around a bunch of junk on your belt is easier when it's tight to your body. Underbelt may bunch up a bit, but I flipped my belt over so the ratchet is forward instead of the feed end. Loosening up the ratchet so your belt sags a little is nice when you need a break from getting squished.
  9. Save $, keep your eyes peeled for a deal on a used M1/2 built by a reputable Smith?
  10. I'm only using a Wolff reduced power recoil spring, no problems. My hammer and trigger springs are worked in, from 1993. When I have to change them, I'll use reduced power replacements.
  11. I swear it's a laziness issue in my case. I'll start to hose and either Mike or a steel won't go down BC my focus has gone from neutralizing the target to running the trigger as fast as I can. I've seen other guys intentionally run a diffuser choke that will splash other plates. I'm at the point where I want to know 6 steel drop in 6 shots, rather than hope they drop in "surprise me". I was using 1300fps #6 with an IC my last local match. My gun would not cycle reliably with 1145fps 7 1/2 until I used a reduced power recoil spring. 7 1/2's IC is too loose. I'll revisit big patterns later using bigger, hotter shot if I see another novelty target group like 10 2" eggs on a table. I really appreciated the extra power with a loose choke. I have the same problem with rifle & pistol, if I concentrate on making good hits then my times are lower. If I'm speed racer, not so much.
  12. I dunno what the problem with slugs at varying distance. I mean, find something you like and pretend it's a musket.
  13. IC is easy, but I have been feeling sloppy on something like 8 steels in a row. I'm going to choke down and set myself up a simple practice run this weekend and tighten up. It's really noticeable on a pipe sitting on an i beam that won't go down b/c you walked so far past it or aren't hitting it square. IC I kinda take everything for granted.
  14. We have a Field division in a couple of my local matches. Some of those guys are really good shooters. I had a duck hunter and a skeet guy in the squad, they used SBE 2's and were fine. Full on sporting get up and all. 35+ shot stages were slow. Cops had the biggest issues using cylinder bore 18" pump guns they grabbed from work. Do not shoot buckshot at clays, its a waste of time, even if the ammo is free. I just had my last problem go away on a really early M1 using a Wolff reduced power recoil spring after trying better birdshot. AA's and STS were hanging up with a Wolff factory power spring. Original one was a rusted pos.
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