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  1. The Ultimate Die Pack contains: 1 hold down die; 1 carbide sizing die; 1 Universal Decapping die; 1 expansion die; 1 Micrometer adjust seating die; and 1 Micrometer adjust crimp die.


    My press will arrive today and I plan to use the following setup:

    1. case feed
    2. de-cap
    3. swage (hold down die on toolhead)
    4. prime AND resize
    5. case mouth expansion
    6. powder drop
    7. powder check
    8. bullet drop
    9. bullet seating
    10. crimp

  2. It's a hit.  The bullet did not wholly pass through hard cover, and scores.  Neither skipping off a barrel ( or passing through a stick (9.1.7) prevents the hit from being scored.  Grease rings or crowns are not a requirement for a hit to score.


    See the excellent article "9.5.5: The Misunderstood Rule" by Jay Worden in the September/October issue of Frontsight.



  3. 56 minutes ago, Patrick Scott said:

    I dont think so, that document mentions only handguns where there is a rule in place to prevent touching(stand by-beep). No such rule is in place for rifles. I only used that document to highlight the fact that hand position is not required in the WSB. 


    Doesn't Appendix D8 - Pistol Caliber Carbine Division, #15 "Rules References" apply?


    All references to “handgun” are deemed to apply to PCC as well, except where the terms “holstering”, “drawing”, or “re-holstering” are referenced, and where otherwise noted. PCC specific rules are identified within this rules publication. 

  4. On 11/23/2018 at 5:47 PM, Sarge said:

    Yep those are on amazon for cheap. Thought it might be too light and pop out with a heavy load dumped in. Does it stay in place when you dump?

    I bought one of these funnels from Amazon and love it.  I used it 6 times during my wet tumbling and drying process for pins and brass.  Really beats grabbing handfuls of brass or trying to pour stainless steel pins into the tumbler.  Not sure how I lived without it.



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