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  1. I'm not really looking to do As a career maybe. Side job or hobbie really I'm a union pipe welder/fitter so I have a good job just thought I might enjoy working on guns In my spare time
  2. I never see the tti pads used unless they are installed on mags and then they are expensive
  3. See it was either those or I was thinking of taking a gamble on some Chinese knock off tti +5 pad and spring kit for $15 each I mean they look spot on
  4. Tax ops, 9 mm, and add weight to assist with dropping free when empty
  5. I have shot the crap out of American eagle had 0 issues
  6. I can't say enough about anderson I have built two rifles on their platform and have 0 issues with either great for the money
  7. Thought about taking this class but don't want to spend the $$$ if it's not worth it. Has anyone had any experience with this class or one like it?
  8. Any way to add some weight to these without buying 40$ base plates. If I have to get base plates then I might as well run stock glock mags and get tt +5 base pads for them
  9. I have a shooters connection belt and tekloks works great, if I were to switch it would be the carbon arms ratchet belt. Also for the record I'm a hefty honey lol
  10. Mine is an 18" but I'm pretty sure they do 16" too but absolutely love my Nordic components barrel
  11. Well never mind apparently the club that offers it no longer hosts it
  12. Nordic + 5, hi viz front bead, and Nordic follower, and opened my loading port. Runs great.
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