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  1. Looking for load data for 95gr ibejiheads using hs6. It's for an open gun light steel load. These are some small bullets and have the lube groove so please include length as well. Thanks
  2. I would skip the xtremes. My ts hates them. I have had the most luck with 180gr black bullets. 4.5 n320. 1.115. My 2nd choice would be 190gr ibejiheads 4.1 hp38. 1.110. I have to load mine really short to feed properly in my gun. Anything longer I get failure to feeds. Most ts owners I believe load around 1.120-1.125.
  3. Thanks for responses. Gonna look into the heavier tanfo sear spring. If anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated. I shoot a couple different guns and most have a 2lb trigger. 1lb trigger is just too light for my liking. I wanna be closer to where my other guns are.
  4. 26lb? Wow. That sounds really heavy. I was thinking factory was around 16ish. I can't imagine this gun needs a new trigger spring already. It's barely used. Or do they make different weight trigger spring?
  5. Just wondering what's the best way to make the trigger pull a tad heavier on my Cz ts. Its weighing in at an avg of 1lb 3oz. I would like to add about 1/2 lb of weight. Is heavier main spring the easiest way? What is the factory mainspring weight on a cz ts? Thanks
  6. Yes I case gauged every single bullet. My press is a LnL. It won't allow you to have a high primer. The shell plate won't index if primer isn't seated all the way. Going to be trying a 19lb. See if that helps.
  7. Thanks for the advise. Have 2 of them that don't set off winchester reliably. One is an sti matchmaster. The other is a custom built 2011. Matchmaster doesn't have extended firing pin. Didn't set off winchester with factory Springs. Got the trigger job and still doesnt. Tried the pencil thing. Launches them further than a foot and hammers are tight with slide off with hammer forward.
  8. I have the extended dawson firing pin the 17lb was giving me lots of light strikes. On my press I can't adjust primer depth. Don't think it's a primer seating issue because the winchester spp works great for my other guns.
  9. Just curious what weight mainspring you guys are using to get 100% reliability with winchester primers. I was using a 17lb but was getting light strikes a lot.
  10. How do you like that dovetail mount? Sturdy?
  11. So they just haven't updated the rules? I was looking at them earlier and it still says 35oz.
  12. Those are sweet. 43oz. Is over the allowed weight for carry optic. Weight limit with empty msg is 35oz.
  13. I'm looking to purchase another shadow and have the slide cut for the optic. I have a burris fast fire 3 that I'm going to use. I plan on using it for carry optic in uspsa. Wanted to get it to feel as similar to my production shadow as possible. Wondering how many people have done this and if I have to do anything else to it to make weight. Oh and feel free to post your carry optic shadows
  14. Can i borrow yours? Haha
  15. Any particular reason that you dont load any longer? Made a few dummy rounds at 1.145 and crimped to .424. Seem to be feeding fine.
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