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  1. Thanks for the headsup on the motors, I still have my spare one, and I found the video on YouTube of how he swaps it. But the original motor might be starting to go. Might as well stock up. Love my Pal-Filler. So glad I got it when I did. @Grandpoobah is the weight just pulled off of the old one?
  2. It works okay... Not so good with primers other than CCI in my experience with it. you gotta bang it and shake it and every so often it will flip one on you or jam at the top. If I only had it I could deal with it, but i also have the PAL and Dillon. Though they aren't in the same class as the VibraPrime.
  3. For me, this isn't the fault of the die. It's the fault of the brass. I saw your post in another forum BTW. Whether they have a coke bottle or not in my case doesn't matter since I use mixed brass and some range pickup. So all my brass goes through a chamber checker. The ones that fail go through a bulge buster and voila! all is good. What's interesting is, the ones that go through the chamber checker and are shot through my guns only (no range pickup) don't have an issue from this point on. For 9mm I use the Lee 9mm Mak FCD, and it works perfectly. Don't forget the 9mm Luger is tapered, so the 9mm Luger FCD will not work.
  4. I agree with everyone here about just how good this thing works. I honestly haven't had one issue yet. Is it expensive? yes! but IMO it is worth every penny. My RF100 will still get to do CCI 500's during long runs, but if I'm doing 400-500 reloading sessions the PAL Filler is super reliable and headache free. I've got the VP too, and the only major issues have been with Winchester primers. Though every now and then you do have stop it for a jam. The PAL Filler just works so consistently there is no comparison. Especially with the Winchester primers, it's a tad slower with them but no flipped ones at all. edit: one thing to note, Mark 7 isn't carrying them right now, they are not on their website. Umberto says you have to go through them now. See FB
  5. Just going to add that I have the FA VibraPrime, the RF100 and the Pal Filler. The VP works pretty darn good with CCI SP, the RF100 will flip one every 500 or so... but the Pal Filler will even do WSP and WLP with out a hitch. The VP i have to wack to make sure they go down and occasionally those will flip. I agree with the others the RF100 is just about set it and forget it, though I do enjoy watching it do it's thing. The PAL Filler is a work of art! Umberto is a great guy and is responsive on FB. I'm pretty sure if any issues develop he would take care of me. But in loading about 2000 of assorted CCI and Winchester primers in all sizes, I haven't had a real issue, and NO flipped ones so far!
  6. Thanks for the info guys... I'll make sure and blow out my Primer Magazine tubes and the reloading tubes. I've had a couple of primers go off over 25 years, but that's from cockeyed primers being seated. The other day i found a .45ACP brass case that had gone off 20 some years ago... it had the burn marks on it still! Kinda reminded me of the incident. I actually think my old bench was the culprit. It vibrated a bit and that must have caused the primer to go in sideways. My new one is rock solid. Primer dust has got me concerned though! Better safe than sorry.
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