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  1. There was a 5'' barrel in the classified section a while back. It might still be there, you could convert your 4''.
  2. I have them same issue with mine. My ammo for my 929 will not drop all the way in. Really don't want to load different ammo just for the Ruger.
  3. I have found it easy to put the shims back in place with a business card. You can just cut a small U shape out of the card and is to push it right into place. Makes cheap easy tool to use.
  4. I had a pack of Wolf reduced power springs for a GP100 /SP101. The rebound was an 8lb and the main spring was a 9lb. I haven't measured it yet but it is higher than my 929, so I am going to guess around 7lb. I have watched the M*carbo video a couple of times, I am going to try it as well. I still need to bob the hammer too.
  5. I replaced the springs in mine The hammer is already shimmed from the factory. Trigger pull is much better but I am going to try polishing everything as well.
  6. I have been looking at the Super Ghost Ultimate
  7. I used the stock main spring, polished everything inside, and cut a 13lb return spring flush with the rebound slide. I tried a 11lb standard return spring not cut down, but I thought the reset was sluggish. I cut the hammer down and installed an extended firing pin. Set the strain screw to you liking and use loctite or stone it down so it tightens all the way.
  8. I bought one on gunbroker. It should be here next week. Should be fun testing it and getting it set up.
  9. Brownells has them in stock https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/sights/rear-sights/s-w-revolver-adjustable-rear-sight-prod73515.aspx
  10. I broke a TKC pin at Nationals. It only had around 1500 live fire rounds on it, no dry fire. The grain structure on the metal was very large. I think they may have got a bad batch of metal
  11. The way it was explained to me it is sort of a paddle you can active with your thumb without changing your grip.
  12. I just talked to Paul Pluff from Ruger this last weekend. This will be coming out in 9mm in around 45 days, they also have a skeletonized hammer in the works. We talked about an extended cylinder release also.
  13. It's all that I shoot. I am shooting area 5, 8 and Nationals. I have got one friend shooting it now and maybe another one soon.
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