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  1. so why can you lock and unlock a speed holster at the line?
  2. Rednek Playstation Try not to play this all day. Go HERE : http://majman.net/fly_loader.html
  3. Walmart had 40 S&W WWB 100rd value packs this week in E. Tn. for $24.97 limit ?
  4. I just tried a Redding GRX Push Thru Resizing Die for .40 S&W and it works very good! It is one more step but it does get rid of the "Buldge"
  5. I just got one from Midway and it works very well. I used One Shot case lube it didn't take a lot to push the cases thru the die. I did get the bottle and adapter ring too .
  6. I will check out THR post. What powder are you looking for?
  7. Now that they are 3 cents a piece...instead of 2 cents a piece? I figured the fact that we were having trouble finding them... Not how much they cost... I have to admit I have done it and got away with out any trouble, but I am not going to continue after reading this post
  8. I see red , blue and green recommened how do you decide whats best for a particular application? You have to decide which one will work best for your particular application. Just general guidelines: Blue, medium strength, doesn't require special tools or heat to disassemble Red, high strength, usually requires heat for disassembly Green, high strength(almost as strong as red), penetrating formula, usually requires heat to disassemble Red and blue is applied before assembly, while green is applied after assembly and "wicks" into the parts like penetrating oil. Hope this helps. Yes, it does Thanks!
  9. I don't get the joke ? Donald in Tennessee
  10. My mistake then. I can see no reason not to make it carbide though. For the cost, I just figured it would have a carbide insert. It definitely has an insert and I can't see why they would put a steel insert in a steel die? Oh well it does work great!
  11. I really hope they get there quality back!, I have one and have been very happy with it...
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