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  1. Glock 17 gen 3, vortex venom dovetail mount. TTI mag extension.
  2. Might have to try one or two of these due to price.
  3. Trijicon has a great reputation. Delta pro I seen seems nice.
  4. 17. I don't like the 34. What do you shoot better the 17 or 19?
  5. Mosig

    Glock 34

    FO sight, grip tape, and maybe stainless rod and reduced weight recoil spring.
  6. Mosig

    Breaking my oath

    Save the money get the gen 3. Use the extra cash on practice ammo. Carry gun I would get some defensive sights. I like the plain black rears with a big orange or green dot front. But see what she likes. I find them the easiest to find in a hurry. Have her handle a 43 also.
  7. Does a connector make a noticeable difference?
  8. I see a lot too. I occasionally do on showing empty.
  9. I bought some mag primers by accident. So I'll be trying them out
  10. Went from fmj to plated to coated back to plated. Now I may go to coated and stay with them.
  11. Oakley straight jackets. Haven't found a pair of Wiley's that fit my huge melon yet
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