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  1. thank you for the very useful enlightenment. that is something I can work with. I appreciate your input and sharing of knowledge.
  2. i will have to get my hands on a chrono. your help is appreciated.
  3. ok...i figured this would be a bit more difficult challenge as a post than the others from the offset. so... for a given powder (realizing different powders will have different parameters), at the point flash is eliminated, is that the optimum charge for said barrel length and the max velocity that is achieveable from said powder?
  4. with out a chronograph to test the results (which i do not have) i could not post conclusive results.... i guess im looking for some experienced insight/knowledge.
  5. care to elaborate? if not, thanks anyway for your input.
  6. Hi, Thanks in advance for your time and help with this topic since muzzle flash, or a fireball is evidence of unburnt powder it should follow that-- unless a fireball is desired-- eliminating muzzle flash is at the least economical among other reasons. But i also would not want to lose any velocity. Reloading data for the powders I am using specify that the barrel length for the given load is based on a 24" barrel. given that I have a 16" barrel Im sure this is part of the issue for muzzle flash. My question is: is reasonable to say that the charge could be reduced to the point just before a flash is produced (even if it's below the minimum load data provided by the powder manufacturer) and that would be the optimum charge for a given barrel length and also where velocity is max and there is no waste of powder?
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