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  1. You might want to check out my Gunsmith's Facebook page, "OTTOCOMP'. His name is Otto Matyska and can be reached at 314-638-3327. Discuss with him your vision and budget. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  2. I'm a fan of the Safariland 014.
  3. Shoot safe and enjoy yourself. Don't overthink it with the stage descriptions. It always looks different in person. Marty A-7424
  4. Years ago there were more long range shots in matches then there are today. I'm with Max Marty A-7424
  5. Very subjective. Like asking what is the best pool cue? Good luck. Marty A-7424
  6. Pact is a great product. I own a Mark IV timer/chronograph, purchased in 1987
  7. I just looked at my 014. The retention is on the trigger guard. What makes you think it won't work on a STI Eagle? I shoot an old Caspian Hi-Cap with a round trigger guard and it works fine. It is the best holster I have ever used and at $100.00 how can you beat it. Your trigger guard is the same as a 2011 so I can't imagine it wouldn't work.,
  8. Safariland 014 for me. BTW Mid South Shooting Supply had them on sale for $126.00.
  9. I the same relationship with my gunsmith, Otto Matyska (Ottocomp). When I got my first open gun in 1987 he showed me how to take it apart, clean it and adjust the extractor. He told me that he knew I wasn't very mechanically inclined so if I broke something bring it in and it would be easier for him to fix it then instead of fixing what I screwed up. The hi-cap he built for me in 1993 is the gun I currently shoot. I replace the springs but the only things that have broken on the gun over the years have been a sear and the thumb safety and Otto replaced those promptly. At appx. 65k rounds I am on my second extractor. Yup I know my limitations. Marty A-7424
  10. The Guy you may want to talk to about a custom comp is Otto Matyska (Ottocomp) in St. Louis. Extensive knowledge of the CZ platform. 314-638-3327.
  11. Awe, you guy's are making me blush! The reason I still compete is because of all the great people I have met in the 26 years I have been ivolved in this great sport. And Ron, your are correct... I don't take the misses or no shoots as hard as when I started! At these larger matches I purposly don't squad with people I generally shoot with at local matches. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Thanks everybody for your support and prayers sent to Gary's friend. Marty Geringer A-7424
  12. Paul, My sincere appreciation for all the work you are doing at the Nationals. It is great for us guys that wish they were out there to get a real taste of the match. Thanks again! Marty A-7424
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