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  1. martyg00

    Newest holsters for open.

    I'm a fan of the Safariland 014.
  2. martyg00

    First Major Match

    Shoot safe and enjoy yourself. Don't overthink it with the stage descriptions. It always looks different in person. Marty A-7424
  3. martyg00

    Need suggestions for Open Gun Holster / Belt

    Safariland 014 holster and ELS system.
  4. martyg00

    Open Pistol.... Where is your Zero?

    Years ago there were more long range shots in matches then there are today. I'm with Max Marty A-7424
  5. martyg00

    The Best Comp?

    Very subjective. Like asking what is the best pool cue? Good luck. Marty A-7424
  6. martyg00


    Pact is a great product. I own a Mark IV timer/chronograph, purchased in 1987
  7. I just looked at my 014. The retention is on the trigger guard. What makes you think it won't work on a STI Eagle? I shoot an old Caspian Hi-Cap with a round trigger guard and it works fine. It is the best holster I have ever used and at $100.00 how can you beat it. Your trigger guard is the same as a 2011 so I can't imagine it wouldn't work.,
  8. martyg00

    Race Holsters

    Safariland 014 for me. BTW Mid South Shooting Supply had them on sale for $126.00.
  9. martyg00

    Do you do your own work on your open gun?

    I the same relationship with my gunsmith, Otto Matyska (Ottocomp). When I got my first open gun in 1987 he showed me how to take it apart, clean it and adjust the extractor. He told me that he knew I wasn't very mechanically inclined so if I broke something bring it in and it would be easier for him to fix it then instead of fixing what I screwed up. The hi-cap he built for me in 1993 is the gun I currently shoot. I replace the springs but the only things that have broken on the gun over the years have been a sear and the thumb safety and Otto replaced those promptly. At appx. 65k rounds I am on my second extractor. Yup I know my limitations. Marty A-7424
  10. martyg00

    Who to build my custom comp?

    The Guy you may want to talk to about a custom comp is Otto Matyska (Ottocomp) in St. Louis. Extensive knowledge of the CZ platform. 314-638-3327.
  11. martyg00


    Awe, you guy's are making me blush! The reason I still compete is because of all the great people I have met in the 26 years I have been ivolved in this great sport. And Ron, your are correct... I don't take the misses or no shoots as hard as when I started! At these larger matches I purposly don't squad with people I generally shoot with at local matches. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Thanks everybody for your support and prayers sent to Gary's friend. Marty Geringer A-7424
  12. martyg00

    Liveshots @ STI Back to Back Handgun Nationals

    Paul, My sincere appreciation for all the work you are doing at the Nationals. It is great for us guys that wish they were out there to get a real taste of the match. Thanks again! Marty A-7424
  13. martyg00

    Nice Aimpoint Comp paper weights

    I have thought about this post for a week now and hopefully this won't sound like a rant but here goes. I have shot an Aimpoint starting with the 5000 on a single stack open gun and have NEVER shot a different brand sight in USPSA competition. Shooting the old Aimpoints is kind of my trademark locally. The pistol in my pic is a 1993 Caspian Hi Cap that started with a 5000 on it using a modified battery cap by Dick Heinie to hold an extra battery. Dot briteness was the biggest issue on these scopes. This scope lasted about 3 years and Aimpoint came out with the shorter Comp model. They had an upgrade program at the time and I upgraded to this scope in pretty blue and switched to a modified Red Buff scope mount. I bought a rescomp battery cap later in this scopes life and this scope lasted until early sometime in 2009 when the diode went out. I knew the extra battery would eventually kill the diode. Sent it back to Aimpoint and in about 2 months got the scope back with the unrepairable note. Called to discuss options and they were only interested in selling their new Micro $600.00 scope with only a 4moa dot. I was used to shooting a 10 moa dot. I expresed my concern about the dot size more than the cost and mounting issues. I was told B. J. Norris was doing great with the 4moa and I replie that B. J. had 22 year old eyes and I had 52 year old eyes......If they would have had a 7 or 10 moa dot I probably would have paid the 600.00 and got a new mount for the gun. I got lucky and on another forum found a pretty blue comp XD model in 10moa and gladly paid $225.00 for it. This dude was bright and looked brand new and the batteries seemed to last forever. I shot the 2010 nationals with this scope. In late 2011 I was having intermittent dot issues per a conversation with John sent the scope back. Got the scope back in 2 weeks unrepairable. I told John I would gladly pay to have this scope fixed.. No go. Aimpoint Micro the only option. I again got lucky and found a silver Comp C SM with a 7moa dot and paid?? You guessed it! $225.00. This scope is a little heavier a little heavier and not as clean as the other scopes but is working fine and the thing looks bullet proof... But my pretty blue XD is still in the box waiting for me to find a hero to fix it. If aimpoint called today and said send us $300.00 and we will fix the blue XD I would reply XD and check are in the mail! IMO Aimpoint has their hands full with the Military Contract and really couldn't care less about the the sporting part. If they cared they would consider putting a larger dot in one of there current models. It kills me to say this as like I said shooting the Aimpoint is my trademark and I would have gladly PAID to have these scopes repaired. I have never saw a C-More that I liked better, but, it the Comp C SM goes out and I can't find another one real quick.. There will be a C-More Serendipity on the gun.. Marty Geringer A-7424