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  1. I got very good super sonic accuracy with Alliant 300-MP. 300 Blackout 125gr TNT Speer (or 125gr SST Hornady) 18.5gr Alliant 300-MP CCI400 Velocity - 10.5" AR-15 Pistol = 2,080 fps
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    Grip modules

    Depends on what your doing. I like the Legion grip for the range/shooting. The Wilson is lighter/narrower for holster carry out and about.
  3. I only have match experience with deep pin tables. On deep tables, the shooters using 45acp 230gr are the match winners, year after year, including this years big match. The heavier bullets do much better with less than perfect, center of mass shots. Makes for a bigger, effective hit zone on the pin. Also, as the match progresses, the pins get heavier, harder to move. On the other hand, to just knock a pin of a 12" wide rail, doesn't take much. 9mm would work fine for that.
  4. Ruger PCC 9mm with Trijicon MRO on a Bobro QD low mount. 124gr FMJ FP Rocky Mt Reloading "Match winner" bullet 4.0gr Titegroup CCI500 COAL 1.080" Shooting off bench at a printed Aimpoint micro target (easy to center the 2MOA dot) 1.5" to 1.75" (10)-shot groups at 50yrds, sometimes an occasional flyer will open it up to 2.0" or so
  5. I worked up loads for 115gr JHP (winchester) and 115gr TMJ RN (Speer) using a chronograph. Final loads were 4.4gr Titegroup. 115gr TMJ RN, coal 1.135": 1,139 fps ave Glock G19, KKM Match Barrel 115gr JHP (win), coal 1.135": 1,105 fps ave Glock G19, KKM Match Barrel 115gr JHP (win) , coal 1.085": 1,152 fps ave Glock G19, KKM Match Barrel
  6. I have one and really like it. I shoot it better than a 1911 Colt Officers model at 25yrds. In fact, for me, it shoots almost as good as a light weight 1911 commander. My particular 45 Shield appears to be more accurate than my 9mm Shield 1.0 The 45 Shield has not had a single malfunction in over 1,000 rnds, shooting everything from 185gr Gold Dots, old 200gr Speer Flying Ashtray reloads, to 230gr Gold Saber, Hydra-Shok, and Win Hollow Points. It has worked with both factory & reloads. Hard ball equivalent to Soft Ball (192 PF to 150 PF out of 5" Govt full size).
  7. I've had good luck with the 1oz, low recoil in my Stoeger M3K.
  8. I really enjoy shooting the Stoeger M3K. Price is right, mod's are fairly cheap and easy to do yourself if you are so inclined.
  9. I have used the 3/4 oz claybuster wad using their data for light loads for my son to use. They worked really good with the Winchester AA hull. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/33-load-data-cb1075-20
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