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  1. It was 5.5 months. They work great now though - no more issues thus far.
  2. He responded to an email inquiry from his website, but I wouldn't even begin to expect them back for 2-3 months. I was just shy of 6 months in - but I have them now, and they work great.
  3. Does anyone in the Enos-sphere know of another way to contact Beven Grams w/ Grams Eng. other that the phone number & email listed on his website? I sent a couple mags for tuning after chats on the phone, and have had radio silence since. I knew the turn-around wouldn't be quick, but it has been a number of months of silence and I'm getting concerned. I am in no way trying to start a witch hunt of any kind, dude is a wizard with 2011 mags - only asking if anyone who knows Beven could say, "Hey, give this guy a call." Thanks!
  4. A longer (1/2"-3/4") pan head screw coupled with an appropriately sized (ID and OD) piece of stainless steel tubing (from McMaster Carr) on one of your mounting screws could possibly achieve the same thing. Basically make a "peg" out of one of the dot mount screws, and the angle is all depenant on you. Just an idea!
  5. @CHA-LEE, Thank you for all of the recommendations! I'll look into these for sure. So far, here's what I have: 1) I've also been curious about this - I do plan on looking into spacers with the STI G2 tubes and my old 1.16" ammo when I get them back from Grams. 2) A couple days ago I did round that edge some and polish the disco rail down to 2000 grit. I do think this helped a lot, but I haven't seen real results yet - I've only shot the long 1.20 ammo (that ran before) since. Again, I do plan on doing more testing with short, JHP ammo. 3) This makes a lot
  6. 170mm MBX full at 29 rounds - MBX guts. The pics are after doing the "Grams" trick I mentioned above. Before that there is a slight gap, but it always goes away afterwards. The gap seems to grow with shorter ammo. Pics attached! Excuse the dirty gun. Very little, if any. This was my first thought when the malfunctions started - We removed material until there was no overhang while in battery. Even very little overhang when the slide is locked back.
  7. I agree with all of that. I have tried a few different mag configurations - MBX - 170s, 155s, 140s, with all MBX guts, with Grams guts, with Grams springs and Taran followers STI Gen2 - 140s and 170s, with Grams guts. The 170s are currently with Beven being tuned. I do know of someone with some old skool SV mags that I could try, but were a few hours apart and haven't landed at the same match in a few months, unfortunately. With normal length 9major ammo (1.16"-1.17") I had nosedives in all of the above. In all of the above cases, a more RN profile bullet than a J
  8. I had a dovetail plate mount on a CZ - it lasted about 5000 rounds, then the dot would jump when the hammer would fall (dovetail became loose). IMO, dovetail mounts are good for deciding on a dot that you like and that will survive a slide. Once you choose, mill it into the slide. I've got probably 35k through the CZ I mentioned, and all but the original 5k have been with a dot milled into the slide. Same dot too As previously mentioned, height over bore, in this magnitude, does not matter at the end of the day. Most have trouble finding the dot coming from irons - dry fir
  9. I'm still open to suggestions - I've investigated all of the ones thus far, and have found "non-issue" results. I agree, I shouldn't be limited to one bullet profile, but how often do we hear "I only use X bullets" or "It only like Y bullets"
  10. UPDATE Well, folks, I think my issue is resolved. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions - hopefully this will help others that fight similar issues. In a roundabout way, all the mags went back to MBX for testing. The tubes seemed to be in spec, and in their current configuration ran 2-250 rounds in two test guns. In my case, the MBX tubes do seem to like MBX followers the best, even though many replace them with other followers. Three of four STI G2 mags with grams guts had the same nose dive issue (2x140 and 2x170). The 170s have gone to Grams for tuning, an
  11. I also recently picked up an R3Max to throw on the Open gun. I would love to put one on my CO gun, but I'm already milled for a DPP. I just got the open gun back after fitting a new slide - so it's finally time to get some rounds downrange with the R3Max. I'm replacing a DPP with the R3Max, and it does seem superior in just about every aspect - the window shroud and brightness adjustment the big ones for me. The shroud/bezel is much less noticeable than the DPP, SRO, and RTS2 in my opinion. I look forward to putting it through its paces.
  12. Me and Loctite are BFF. I use red on the mount screws, and accept the fact that I'll have to break out the heat gun to break them free. I even use red on the mag release button, again accepting the fact that I'll have to break out the heat gun to take it off. Blue on anything on or close to an optic - probably not a good idea to heat an optic like that. There's already too many potential problems. Good Luck!
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