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  1. Did you happen to chrono this round? Be good to know what velocity it takes to get that expansion. Thx!
  2. I just received a batch of 500 122gr FP 9mm coated bullets for Acme. And like I always do when I get a new projectile, I measure and weigh a few to see how consistent they are and to have a reference when figuring out the COL for my reloads. These bullets are advertized at 122 grains. They are very consistent in diameter and relatively consistent in length. However among the 10 randomly selected samples I found one that weighs 128.5 grains and another the weighs 127.8 grains. The rest were between 121.0 and 124.9. Is this normal for these bullets? I've used Acme .44 240 gr SWC and had great luck with them. Coating on the 122 bullet was great.
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