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  1. I have used the following triggers and ranked them based on my experience 1. Timney 3lb single stage curved (In two different rifles). Well priced. No breakage and have not had a light strike yet. 2. Elftmann 3gun Curved. Would be first except I have had issues with light strikes since I purchased it using factory ammo such as Hornady, Remington, American Eagle, and Fiocchi. I also had a hammer break during a match (great customer service they sent a new trigger and heavier spring to fix light strikes). I went from having 2-3 light strikes per mag to have 1 light strike per
  2. I really like the trijicon MRO that I have on my PCC. Lightweight and there are always deals on them with different mounts.
  3. Need advice on which low mass bcg to use. It will be going in an Armalite 13.5in barrel chambered in .223 with the adjustable gas block and jp silent capture spring. I have been looking at the JP and Iron City Rifle Works bcg.
  4. Who makes a quick disconnect holster mount for Double Alpha Racemaster. Something similar to g-code. I want to be able to take the holster off easily if the stage doesn’t have any pistol shooting?
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