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  1. Blade Techs OWB Signature series holster new for 2016, cant find any reviews on the holster, anyone running this holster ? I have blade techs Kydex OWB holsters for my Glock 34/35 and my M&P 9mm, like these holster a lot. Want another Blade Tech for my Glock 17, midway has both holsters, not sure if I should stay with what works or try something a little different.
  2. Friend of mine gave me some Winchester WST powder to try, I load 9mm with berrys 115grain RN and Xtreme 124 grain RN with Unique powder. I don't have any load data for the WST powder, is this powder a viable option for 9mm or should I pass?
  3. BS sight system, at that distance the rear sight is to the front sight, just take off the rear sight completely and you wont have a focus problem.
  4. What brand of cameras do most shooters use, I see (GOPRO) cameras most of the time, are there any more brands of cameras out on the market for shooters. Buy the way I'm new to the forum this is my 1st post.
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