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  1. This has helped me a lot. Last 3 Gun major I went to I set 5 or so obtainable, yet challenging, goals. I hit all of them except the "placement" one. It caused me to be down on my performance, and not appreciate the goals that I did hit. I started going to matches with process oriented goals. Not only am I performing better, I noticed I don't let the mistakes get in my head using this method.
  2. Shot a club match over the weekend. The RO told me that there was a recent change in rules that no longer allowed you to start with the laser aimed at a target. I looked, and didn't see anything mentioned anywhere. Is this legit?
  3. I have a PT aluminum on my open gun. I've ran about 8k rds of 38sc major and 9mm minor through it, and its still problem free.
  4. Personally, I found that if I run the visual walk through nice and slow, with more attention to detail, I do better. The faster I do it in my mind, the worse I do. But I'm just a B shooter, so take my advice with a grain of salt...
  5. SV's all seem to be clark/para ramped, and I need a wilson/nowlin
  6. Cool, because I cant find a 4 port (drilled or undrilled) hybrid nowlin barrel anywhere...
  7. I searched, but didn't seem to find an answer. I'm going to be having a 9mm barrel fit to my 38 super open gun. Currently, it has a Hybrid barrel and the slide is cut for it. Would I have any issues having a non-hybrid barrel fit to my slide? Any potential problems with barrel lock-up?
  8. I run a Windfall Defense custom rig. They are local (to me), support matches (both local club and majors), and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. Them being one of my sponsors is just an added bonus lol.
  9. On all my rifles, I use the Ergo Tactical Deluxe. For the PCC, I prefer the Magpul K2.
  10. What mount are you using?
  11. Yeah, if you have a JP, there is absolutely no need to upgrade it. JP is currently my favorite trigger, and I've tried a bunch.
  12. I just installed the Timney Calvin Elite in my PSA. Really nice trigger! Light pull, minimal movement. I only got about 200 rounds on it so far, but zero issues. If it starts giving me fits, I'll swap it with the JP thats in my 3Gun rifle.
  13. I was looking more for a frame mount...
  14. Anyone know of a 2011 mount for the Vortex Viper? Looking to change out the optic on my pistol, and I have a Viper laying around that I wouldn't mind using.
  15. I changed to new springs in both the 17 and 31rd mag. The malfunctions are gone, but the shells I randomly ejected out are showing some weird crumple marks.
  16. Safariland 014 here as well. Last weekend, I was trying to knock my gun out while standing on the hotel bed the night before the match, and it wouldn't budge. I reached down to unlock it when I put it away, and realized I was jumping and beating on the magwell with the lock off. I ran around for 3 days without issue. With that said, I was still nervous that it was going to come out, and cause me a DQ at my first Major...
  17. Has anyone experienced major bullet setback when using a splice on a glock 17 and 31rd mag? The gun was running fine with each of the mags before coupling, but out of the first 48 round mag, I had 3 hangups (they chambered slowly, but they chambered) and upon ejecting the unfired rounds, the bullets were set back around halfway into the case.
  18. Hahaha, never looked at it this way before. I might have to take advantage of this.
  19. I have to make sure I practice reloads in a room away from my dogs. My pittbull puppy sees the mags hit the bed, and thinks its a game. I've had to chase her around to get them back before.
  20. Cute Dag...my wife has been bugging me for a Corgi for a while now.
  21. Go slow and be safe. Don't try to match what the better shooters are doing. Have fun, and ask a lot of questions.
  22. Yeah, the RO asked if he wanted to lock the holster on the previous stage, and the shooter said he doesn't need to lock it. One stage later, he's complaining about being DQ'd.
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