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  1. loaded605

    Glock 34/35 Extraction/Ejection Issues

    KKM is probably best balance of quality and value. I have a Glockstore that is accurate enough for 3-gun.
  2. loaded605

    Glock 34/35 Extraction/Ejection Issues

    Get a conversion barrel. It matters. I’ve run 9mm conversion in my 35 and never had this problem. The extractor should also be 9mm to ensure you don’t have this problem. I have gotten away with it at 3gun matches before when I just forgot to swap it out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    Oh, gotcha... I misunderstood.
  4. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    Thats a 9mm mag though. This problem is pretty specific for 40s&w mags. I've never had a problem of any kind with 9mm and TTI basepads on my G34. Friend has the new +10 on a 31 round body and it works fine on his PCC. I ordered new springs from TTI before Area 3 and that was probably the most important factor in the rounds not nose diving, but other factors also seemed to show up. After the new springs I could not get 20 rounds in a mag, only 19. Not a big deal though.
  5. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    I have contradicted myself throughout this thread. It’s become sort of a narrative of my learning process with this issue. I just shot Area 3 (400+ rounds) and did not have this malfunction. I had one get FTF that didn’t go into the chamber but was unrelated to this nose dive in the mag issue. After battling it mildly off and on all season what I can officially say definitively is: -Brush out mags if they hit the ground. Always. -Happens less with copper, but would still happen occasionally. Blue Bullets was NOT primary culprit but could be a contributing factor. I still use them for practice. Did not have this malfunction in practice with Blue bullets the day before the match. - Smack rounds to back of magazine every 5-10 rounds when loading mags. -Make sure followers match mag bodies -OAL did not seem to matter. 1.125, 1.130, 1.135, all lengths would nose dive. If you do all of these things it will greatly minimize the issue. Again this is only with the TTI mag extensions. I don’t think this particular model was part of the issue. I’m going to try some of the Dawson extensions too and see how they work.
  6. loaded605

    Marking your own brass

    My rifle brass usually needs a little trim after each firing and resizing. I just trim them all. It’s faster than marking or separating. If I already processed it myself and it’s being reloaded again it goes in one bucket. If it wasn’t mine or was factory new ammo, those cases go in a different bucket. I will sort headstamps from time to time if I am not loading hoser FMJ ammo.
  7. loaded605

    Glock trigger upgrades, best bang for your bucks parts?

    I run a Ghost Rocket connector kit in my 34 and 35. You file down a tab on the connector to customize the reset. Makes it much shorter. If you run the light striker spring you may get light primer strikes. My 35 has a Zev striker to remedy that. My 34 didn’t need it. Around $40 for the kit. Zev skelotnized striker is $80.
  8. loaded605

    Glock grip angle?

    My first pistol was a Glock. It what I compete with because it’s what I had then upgraded to a 34 and 35. I carry a CZ P-07. Yeah, they’re different. But if you practice with it it’s fine. After shooting a friend’s Shadow 2 I want one but am not looking forward to relearning draws and reloads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    I used both longer and stock springs and it didn’t really matter. Happened either way. The best fix was using copper bullets. But round nose bullets might help, less surface area? I think the flat nose combined with coating drug on the inside. Flat nose copper just work. I wish the Blue bullets worked. I like them. Still shoot them in 9mm.
  10. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    I still have about 700 Blue bullets left. I’ll use them for practice but not use in matches. Go ahead and experiment see if you get them to work. If you figure something out I’d like to know. GP Section was a fun match. Very well done.
  11. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    It was only a problem with longer extended mags. Stock mags were not a problem. I noticed it happened less with a 13 pound spring. Stock spring happened a little more. 15 pound spring had it happen the most. Or get copper bullets and it goes away completely. Shot 300+ rounds of Berry's at Great Plains Sectional last weekend and not one occurence, or malfunction of any kind.
  12. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    Follow up... It started happening again. I loaded some Berry’s bullets and it hasn’t happened again. I guess I’m not shooting Blue Bullets in my 35 anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    First, thanks for all the help. I seem to have ironed out the problem. The solution was a tad unexpected. Ammo was part of it but not most of the problem... I don’t think. I loaded up 120 rounds of my same load at 1.135. This did feed perfect in all of my mags. I bought a new mag (wanted 2 more but only one left) and put the base pad on it with the TTI spring. The new mag fed my old 1.125 ammo perfectly. Ran 2 full mags in my G35 and another 20 rds in my dads G22. Then the quirky part. One of my mags wasn’t locking the slide mag on empty. This was consistent. On inspection the follower was well below the top and appeared caught on something. That’s when I noticed the follower number on top corner of that mag (where it pushes up on slide catch) was a 9 and not a 10 like others. In a mag body that has the number ending in 04. I had never noticed the number before. I compared it to the mag I just bought. The follower number was 10 and the mag ended in 04. Inside the dimensions were different at the top. The 9 follower in the 04 body worked except would not lock the slide. The 10 follower in a 03 body would choke consistently either 8 or 9 rounds in and continue to nose dive. It was crazy. Matched all followers and mags and they all worked perfect with either batch of ammo. Then put in TTI springs in the other 3 and they all continued to run flawlessly with either ammo. I am now confident that my random feed problems appeared and disappeared when I accidentally mid matched the followers and bodies. I’m ordering 3 more new mags and should be good. Will keep seating bullets at 1.135 as well. Thanks again y’all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    So I tested some things out. Worst mag crapped out 10 rounds in, it was older. This is a photo. Another mag the same age as this one did the same thing but less. Stock mag worked fine with no base pad. Never a feed issue and I ran two full mags. Factory ammo also ran the least reliable mag the without problem. Just Remington 180gr UMC. Two newer mags worked fine, never nose dived with hand loads. I forgot to bring the longer mag springs that came with the extensions. I will have to wait until tomorrow to test that. I am also going to pick up a couple of new mags and put the extensions on those to see what happens. So I think I have an ammo and mag problem. Would switching to a faster Powder like Titegroup help this or make no difference?
  15. loaded605

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    Yes, it all passes the gauge.