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  1. Honestly, don’t pick a gun you think you want to shoot in USPSA until you get the hang of USPSA. There’s a lot of differences in the divisions. If you have a pistol just shoot that for a while. I have a TSO in 40 and shoot Limited but that’s what I really like to shoot. 40 is a pain in the ass and it’s hard on the gun. Reloading your own ammo is really the way to do it, or shoot Syntech. Regular ammo is a lot snappier. A friend of mine was in the same boat as you. Money set aside for a new gun and he wanted to shoot USPSA. He doesn’t reload and quickly learned that the cost of 40 ammo was a bit crazy. He struggled with it a lot. Then he started shooting a Sig X5 and made B class in production pretty quick. A 9mm TSO is a big competitive disadvantage. If you really want to buy something snazzy, get a Shadow 2 and just shoot it. It doesn’t really need anything. You’ll also have cash left over for mags and holster and pouches, etc
  2. loaded605

    CZ TSO holster

    Red Hill Tactical. I’m not interested in the race holster thing. Not knocking, just not interested.
  3. I took the buffer out of mine as well after the first one shredded about 500 rounds in. It is not necessary. 8,000 rounds later it is fine.
  4. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    My slide does lock back with the Grams spring and follower. If you don't already have a mag brush, bet the Arredondo that has the little tool in the bottom for popping the basepads off. I have one that doesn't have that tool from when I shot a Glock with TTI pads that were toolless.
  5. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    Edit: I hadn't seen your response... I get 20 in mine. If you’re getting 21, that’s cool, I have one CZC spring and follower that will do it, but I don’t care about one more round, reliability is more important to me. I just make sure I don't run out of rounds.
  6. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    I didn’t do anything. Just put them in and pew.
  7. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    Sorry. CZ springs are weird. Grams are great.
  8. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    The springs are weird too. I put them in the mags I mainly use for dry fire and live fire practice and don’t use in matches.
  9. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    It’s a tight chamber. I had that issue with my handloads. I added just a little more crimp and it went away. That said, white box is the worst. I see more problems with that s#!t than anything. Try different ammo, and actually firing the gun. I like the CZC extensions, but I don’t like their springs and base pads. I put Grams spring and followers in and it was 100%.
  10. loaded605

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    Could be either. I have mags that won’t lock open but feed perfect. What follower and spring are you using?
  11. I had that happen with one, but only when full. I squeezed it with a padded pliers and never had a problem again. Had the same issue with Glock mags back in the day. I have both CZC and Springer. Don’t recall which hung up but neither do now. I prefer CZC because while the Springer are nice, they are a pain in the balls to take off for cleaning at a match or practice.
  12. Have you shot 500 rounds in a couple hours with the Bogies? I’m sure they are fine for matches, I’m concerned with heavy practice.
  13. Those who have Lok Grips.... I’m wanting to switch to a less aggressive grip because I shoot a lot. I currently use the Henning grips and love them in matches, but shooting 400-500 rounds is hell on my hands. Definitely don’t want Bogies are the other more aggressive grips. I used to shoot a Glock 35 and my preferred grip was just the stock gen4 texture and use pro grip. Which Lok Grip would have about the right texture for this?
  14. I got the .150 tall x .100 wide at the advice of a friend who knows. It is roughly the same height as the stock front sight. I didn’t need to adjust the rear sight any. I like the narrower front sight but the .100 wide is really small. I wished I had got a different on that was a little wider. I had previously used Dawson sights on a Glock that were .135 wide. I have since adapted and like them though. I also got extra green fiber because I really prefer green over red.
  15. I think IDPA requires reload from slide lock, but yeah, never heard of no slide lock required.
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