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  1. You might have cost me an extra couple hundred dollars. Anyone know the best place to get/use a discount of the Z8i? Maybe a larger retailer like brownells?
  2. Alma, Do you not find the extra magnification to cause the small movements you make even more distracting on 8x or am I over thinking this? I really don't want to try to pick a sub-max mag while on the clock or max is where I'm likely to run the optics when out past 200yd, but thanks for the reference. I'm planning on running my new optic on a SCAR-17s. Should I be concerned about the Z6i or Z8i on this rifle? My other choice would be a Razor HD with JM-1 reticule. I know these are far apart on price and I really don't want the added weight of the Razor....
  3. I am also looking at the Z6i and Z8i. My concern with the 8x is that since it is still a 2nd focal plane scope I would have to go full 8x to use the holdovers and that will reduce my FOV compared to the 6x. That seems like a big trade off for the extra magnification which I don't think I would need within 600yds on 3-gun targets. I'm still new to 3-gun so let me know if I'm off track here.
  4. As said before, my first order was way too small. I wear a 32-33" pant and ordered the Med. I can just get the first notch to latch without an innerbelt or any gear. It's on it's way back for a Large. My fault, but Carbonarms has been great with the exchange.
  5. I may be in trouble too. My pant size is 32" and I thought I would be safe with a medium. Looks like the belt will arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed.
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