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  1. I have a nelson on a dedicated caspian frame and it runs like a top. It does have issues when dirty trying to eject a dud, but that is usually after about 250 rounds. A quick run of a bore snake and it is fine. Only the Nelson mags will work, the ones brownells has will not work reliably. As for accuracy it is probably one of my most accurate 22's I have. Mostly shoot CCI standard velocity, but cheaper will function. Makes a great host also. Now my buddy has one on a 2011 frame and it has issues. He swapped it over to a single stack and it runs fine. We use them in local rimfire falling steel (RFS) matches and they are competitive.
  2. It is a LPA cut. So plenty of options.
  3. Nope wont fit - I bought one before the complete specs came out - hoping. Not saying that it might be able to made to fit. Just not brave/drunk enough to try yet. Cant take anything off the front of the slide, but may be enough on the rear of the slide and frame. Doesn't need much
  4. All of my Cz's prefer a heavy bullet - 135 to 147 gr. If a 10X bushing didn't help I would inspect the crown. A couple of mine were not that that bad, but after recrowning the barrel it will shoot sub 2" groups at 25 yards.
  5. DAN1911

    SP01 magwell?

    http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/40270_Aluminum-Magwell-Small-Frame-Black or what ever color you would like. This set for me works well but, doesn't force your hand up into beaver tail like the CZC. I cut my lok grips to fit https://www.henningshop.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1291106&CAT=10024 these mags bases prevent accidental pulling the next mag out. I am pretty sure it make weight in IDPA ESP
  6. Not a 97 expert, but from my understanding slides will interchange. Both are b slides.
  7. https://everygunpart.com/handgun-kits/semi-auto/cz-model-97b-semi-auto-black.html
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