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  1. Stiven

    Strike Eagle 1-8

    yea just saw this on some gun websites, we'll see if it is true 1x like they claim and the eyebox is forgiving IM IN
  2. Stiven

    Ar style safety for shotguns

    stupidest thing i've seen in a while
  3. Stiven

    How to buy a used shotgun?

    same way you look over any used run, break it down as far as you can work the action and check the barrel. it's used so unless you the shop also has a range you kinda just take a chance on it. id personally would run snap caps through it make sure it doesn't hange anywhere
  4. Stiven

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    Time, money, lack of self awareness As a newbie (I am one) stepping outside my comfort zone trying something new and not good at straight up sucks.
  5. Stiven

    dreaded left pull

    I cant shake throwing my shots left at 9 o clock, ive tried everything to fix it. grip is proper with strong support hand and firm strong hand. doing all the right things with trigger pull and do the dry fire drills but still. others shoot the gun and its fine so it's all me. this all started within the last year, i took a break due to life and finally have time again and now this. pisses me off to no end because i used to be fairly decent. Shot a uspsa match recently and was just running on autopilot and did pretty well better than i thought. I just ordered a case of ammo and am adamant about fixing this.
  6. Stiven

    Shotgun choice for do all

    yea 26 is what I was looking at but if the 28in is only one left ill probably buy that. the M3k has different handle/slide release? that's it or does it have more features over the standard
  7. Stiven

    Shotgun choice for do all

    I'm not big into it but do it every so often, I was doing it with a pump Mossberg but that's gotten old.
  8. Stiven

    Shotgun choice for do all

    Local shop has two in 24 and 28in VR, for 500$. I got an old savage im going to throw at them for a trade in. I checked over for the black Friday deals, dicks is like 40$ off 400-600$ guns and cabelas has nothing good but I have some gift cards. Again 499$ for the cost, so is it worth it to drive 100 miles to cabelas to buy it? prob not. I might try and see if I can have dicks order one so they have it in stock on black Friday.
  9. Stiven

    Shotgun choice for do all

    my buddy got his for 800$ but my luck hasn't been that good, also I want the VR barrel
  10. Stiven

    Shotgun choice for do all

    Yea but all the ones ive listed are in the mid price range. unless someplace has a good black Friday deal. I can always wait seeing as how the election is over and theres not a panic going on.
  11. Want to pickup a semi to do everything skeet/ 3 gun/ plinking/ trap etc. want something low maint. I don't like to clean things very much. Looking at the Stoeger m3000, Rem 11-87 and Mossberg 930. I know the Stoeger is inertia and will run cleaner but then again it will have more recoil. Ive read the entire stoeger thread and had a lot of good detail. one thing though is long term reliability? I know three gun guys beat on their equipment so if the gun can hold up to that then it will serve me just fine.