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  1. You have to commit. Get it locked into the notches and then get after it. Don't be gentle. It will slow you down and cause jams.
  2. Those are sweet! Nothing like a good gas peddle.
  3. Great match this year. Had tons of fun. I am concerned that it got moved to the spring time along with the 3GN regional match and the Texas State championship all being just weeks apart. I know it was hot this year but the great thing about the Vortex being in the middle of the summer was the fact it was in the middle of the summer. Great for your shooting calendar.
  4. What a great match this was! It was my 1st time at the Fallen Brethren and I will be back next year (where ever it is).
  5. You can get your ejector tuned to throw the brass more out instead of up. This can take several tries and a lot of ammo before getting it right. Had to do it to my Steel Master.
  6. So where would one start if they wanted to learn the gunsmithing trade? Are there schools or on-line classes to get you started? I love guns and working with my hands so maybe it's time to put them together.
  7. I know there have been issues with Eotech lately but I've been using one for years and it still works great
  8. For that price range you can't go wrong with the Strike Eagle
  9. For that price range you can't go wrong with the Strike Eagle
  10. You can't go wrong with JP but check out Whiskey Arms. They are making some great light weight BCG's.
  11. If it's for competition then I believe lighter is better. Check out the Battle Arms set. Very lite.
  12. I was one of the RO's at the last match I shot and didn't give myself enough time before handing off the timer to someone else. Ended up in the middle of the stage realizing I didn't have any shotgun ammunition on me. Be sure you give yourself enough time to get ready before you shoot......
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