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  1. IbejiHeads has all of the colors available and just about all sizes of bullets. (including green) I think Black and Blue Bullets also stocks 2 different greens. https://www.ibejiheads.com/ http://www.bnbcasting.com/ Front Site! Front Site! Damm Steel!
  2. Yes it can. As a matter of fact, as part of the disassembly procedure in the owners manual, you have to lower the hammer (dry fire) it to take it apart. All of the Ruger Mark pistols can be dry fired without causing any damage.
  3. jimmy1256

    Ruger LC9

    Had an LC9 for about a year, had no issues. Sold it when the LC9s Pro came out and have been shooting this for about the last year and a half. (IDPA BUG) I have had zero issues with this gun including the magazine release.
  4. Welcome to the Forums. What part of PA are you in? I'm in the North East PA area. Lots of good matches to go to here.
  5. Welcome to the Forum. I am also in NEPA. What town are you in? We have a lot going on in this part of the state. Just this month we have (just to list a few) the monthly USPSA matches at Shongum Sportsmans Club just over the border in NJ on Aug. 6th. We have USPSA at Ontelaunee Gun Club. We have IDPA at Blue Ridge Cherry Valley G.C. on Aug. 14th. We have ICORE at Ontelaunee on Aug 13th. Rim Fire Challenge at Blue Ridge Cherry Valley on Aug. 21. We have Outlaw pistol, rifle, with 2 gun and 3 gun at Matamoras Gun Club. And there in 3-gun at Easton Fish and Game. You will have to check out the various club web sites for more information or just ask and I will try to get you an answer. Good shooting, Jim
  6. So, I've been shooting USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, and other games for the past 2 years. Got back to competing after a 20 year break to run my own business. Won't do that again, but, that's another story. Anyway last weekend I started shooting LIMITED class using the Sig P320 in 40S&W feed by 3 Springer Precision base pad equipped factory mags for a 17 round capacity. So, I'm getting ready to step up to the line and I load my mags, the 3 17 rounders and a stock 14 rounder that I thought I may need as a Barney. Mistake #1 - I have 4 mag pouches on my belt so why not use them? I put the Barney in the rear most position (never hurts to have extra ammo on the belt, right?) "Make Ready" "Shooter Ready?" "Stand By" BEEP I start shooting, getting good hits and moving pretty fast (well for me anyway). Shooting along using up 16 rounds and get to my planned reload target. Mistake #2 - Hit the mag release, reach back and grab a magazine and through it into the gun, and get back to shooting. (something didn't feel right on that reload) After shooting a bunch of rounds the slide locked back. What? I should have at least 4 or 5 shots left! No time to think about it now, just reload and finish the stage. So I do. After it's all over I look at what I did. Not a bad time and good hits. But what happened during the reload to mess up the round count? You probably already know. (grabbed the Barney instead of one of the large mags) So, on to the next stage. Mistake #3 - Moved the Barney from the rear position to the front position on the belt. (I'll never grab the front mag under stress) But, that's exactly what I did on the next stage. Mistake #4 - To make matters worse I felt what mag I grabbed and made yet another mental error by re-stowing it and grabbing the mag I wanted. What a wast of time. Still finished OK but would have been a lot faster without the screw ups. (4 or 5 on the first two stages of the match) Lesson learned, put the Barney in the back pocket where I can still get it if it's needed but stays out of the way when I don't. Just another day of learning what not to do at a match. Hope my experience helps someone out there. Your welcome. Jim
  7. All of the plated bullet mfg. recommend keeping the velocity's under 1900fps. so I would think you would be OK in 45super with them. I'm currently loading Kings coated 9mm, 40S&W major, and 45ACP with excellent results. I have also used plenty of the x-treeme bullets along with some of the Berry's with no problems. So, order some samples and work up some loads. I think you may be surprised how well these less expensive bullets perform. Accurate with no leading. At least in my and my friends guns. Jim
  8. Thanks for the responses. I will contact Dillon about the two discolored tubes. I suppose I could empty the hoppers at the end of each session. Kind of a pain because I am currently loading 3 or 4 evenings a week. (Yea, I shoot a lot) But it's doable. Thanks again guys. Jim
  9. oteroman, The newer hopper (that isn't turning colors) came on a new measure I purchased about 3 years ago but didn't use until one of the older measures started messing up. (the slide kept sticking no matter what I did) I just swapped them and noticed that the newer one isn't changing like the older ones. I haven't contacted Dillon about the older hoppers changing, but I will and see what they have to say. Thanks for your response. Jim
  10. OK, I own 2 550s. I have had them for over 15 years. (one is a 450 conversion) I have loaded thousands of rounds pistol and rifle and I have 3 powder measures. Over the last 2 years I started using a lot of Tite Group powder for 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP. Two of the powder measure hoppers have turned very dark. (can barely see how much powder is left) I assume its from the out gassing from the Tite Group double base powder. These two hoppers are the old style that are held into the measure with double stick tape. The third measure, with the hopper held on by 2 screws has not changed color at all. Different plastic compound? I've read that various measures hoppers can be effected by the powders used in them. Any body else experiencing this problem? Has Dillon changed the composition of the hoppers? If I order new hoppers, will they turn or not? Opinions? Thoughts? Thanks, Jim.
  11. UPDATE: 7-6-16 So, received my P320 9F back from Sig Sauer. The enclosed paper work says they replaced the extractor spring and plunger as well as polish the rear of the slide. (chamber area) and checked for spent shell retention. Interestingly the barrel looks different. Feed ramp was polished from use when it went out but looked freshly blued when it came back. (Strange) Anyway I took it to the range last night for a test run. Shot about 200 rounds of a variety of ammo (factory and reloads) no problems noted at all. Ran flawlessly. I'm relatively convinced that it's fixed. More testing is needed to be 100 percent sure but looks good so far. Thanks to all for the advice. Shoot fast, shoot safe. Jim
  12. Update: 6/30/16 Ordered a new Caliber X-change kit 9F about 4 weeks ago and have been using the new kit for the last 4 matches. It has worked flawlessly. Sent the old kit (as a complete pistol) off to Sig for warranty repair. Left 2 weeks ago and received and email this mourning that it's on its way back to me. Should arrive today or tomorrow. I'll give it a chance to redeeme itself and see how that works out. I'll keep you all posted. Jim
  13. I also did this years ago after finding a used 450 at a yard sale. Ordered the upgrade kit from Dillon and have had 1 550 for small and 1 550 for large. Works great and life is good. Jim
  14. Steel. Semi Hard. Can be filed on.
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