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  1. So can you reliably run a reddot on a S2 Kadet upper, the ones were you replace the rear sight with a plate to mount the optic
  2. Forget it you can't use BBcode only uploads please delete post admins
  3. Thats sick ..prolly make a 2011 guy cringe
  4. With most .22 kits it has to be broken in. Like I said with my Kimber kit a lot of people complained when it first came out as unreliable but a lot of those same people where using bulk none high V ammo in it and ive found that in order to cycle correctly at the beginning you need the snappier ammo and also manually cycle that slide to smooth out the action.
  5. I would think most hi-velocity ammo would be fine. My kimber rimfire would only reliably cycle hi-v ammo till it was broken in.
  6. usmcchet9296

    CZ Shadow 2

    Stock like Nascar Stock cars are stock? I too come from a wheel gun background and nothing anyone shoots there is out of the box stock for long so now that I finally have my Texas DL the first gun im going to get is a Shadow 2 and initially it will be stock but I plan on getting a spring kit at least. Even in service rifle competitions you are allowed to use a non-service , trigger, barrels, weights, and sights.
  7. Well that sucks if you already have a pistol and if you have tuned then you would have to purchase a complete new gun
  8. I take it you will be able to buy the slide separately?
  9. Question Im new here and just started loading with a Dillon 550 and my question is Im shooting FMJ 115 and 124grn and with my charge its set to 4.3 to 4.5grn and if I do accidentally double charge it over flows from the case and well its kinda obvious when I seat the bullet on the case so AzShooter did you just not notice or are you shooting a heavier bullet with a lighter charge that can be double charged and not noticeable
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